Improving Workplace Motivation By Understanding Your People's Desires

Have You read Part One of this article series - where we looked at why you can't actually motivate anyone?

Want to improve workplace motivation? Then make sure you get your head around this ... There are only two things that get people out of bed ...

Inspiration and Desperation

These are the two elements that get people out of bed every morning. If you can unravel what it is that gets people to work each day, you hold the keys to getting the best possible performance from them. So lets start with Inspiration.

Inspiration is life changing, long-term and comes from within.

People will find all the inspiration they need to get up and get going when they pinpoint those things that help them feel they are living a fulfilled life.

Helping them to tune into that inner calling ... that siren that calls you to be at your best.

And then doing something about it.

The desire

  • 'to contribute',
  • 'do meaningful work'
  • 'to use my strengths and talents'

are examples of inner callings - coming from within the individual - and not a carrot or a stick in sight!

These internal callings are inspired by passion and interest. They come from a mindset of "I want to do this. I choose to do this. This is my idea. I love this. This is what I want to do".

The role of the leader, who wants workplace motivation to be at its peak, is to help people identify those things that energize and call them to walk with a spring in their step. Unfortunately, most people feel trapped in life and have stopped thinking about what fulfills them - and they drag themselves to work to get the money they need to do the things they love.

Motivated When

So, if you want to improve workplace motivation and enhance the quality of life for yourself and your people, spend time asking your team members:

  • "What is it that you love to do?"
  • "What would the best work day look like to you?"
  • "When do you know you are shining?"

Once they have gotten clear on this, then help them design into their job regular opportunities to do those things. Download the Ideal Job Template as this will provide you with a template and help you have these conversations with your people.

In the training "How To Motivate Employees" you'll discover many tips and ideas on how to motivate and inspire others and lead them to discovering what fulfills them ... without having to re-structure your entire workplace or spend hours upon hours with H.R!

Identifying their internal calling doesn't mean people won't want to be rewarded ... they certainly will ... however, their greatest reward comes from the satisfaction of doing the task at hand ... not the money attached to the doing of the job.

The more you can help your people to find those inner callings that inspire them to give of their best; the better the vibe in your team.

For long-term passion, sizzle and energy
the motivation must come from within the individual

Now lets take a look at why desperation is going to get your people to work, but maybe not performing.

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