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Are you about transformation? Transforming yourself and others. Transforming the products and services you deliver. Making a positive dent in the universe ... rather than just 'getting through' life?

The dent I want to make in the universe is to help leaders be inspired and inspiring, so that they transform themselves and the people around them. Do you know how you are going to make your dent in the universe?

I've had the great fortune to sit at the feet of, and learn from, some of the giant influencers and thinkers of high performance and positive psychology who have graced our planet. From these greats I learned how to lead and coach in high performance organizations. So I've got real-world experience founded in world-class knowledge and wisdom that I want to share with you.

Here are five ways you can short-circuit your learning curve by tapping into my experience.

1. Use the search box

There are 400+ articles on the site just waiting for you to jump in and discover what you need. Just use the search box to the right.

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When you want to go to a deeper level, then the ebooks, ecourses, templates and checklists, are all designed to get you the information you need. Discover More

4. Book me as a speaker

I'm available to keynote at your next conference, or to be a workshop leader for your team. I've worked with groups around the globe in industries from travel, to manufacturing, mining and services. If you want to enquire about hiring me to speak at your event, you can either email or Skype me, use either one of the forms below. Click here to find out more about the types of topics I speak on.

Engage me as your coach or consultant

It would seem that one of the greatest gifts that has been endowed on me is that of Coach. I love coaching and will always continue to do it (it's built into my DNA). Because there are only so many hours in the day I do limit the number of clients I work with as a Coach or Consultant.

If you've got the desire to be inspired and inspiring, to live, love and lead remarkably, then use the calendar below to schedule a time to discuss with me my availability and whether you and I feel comfortable that we will have a magical partnership. You can find out more about coaching and the packages I offer here.

Let us be the pebble that pops into your pond and enables you to ripple out and make the dent in the universe that you desire.

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