Willing & Able To Learn Team Values

Willing and able to learn - value description

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Here's how we come up with the guiding principles that bring to life the value of Willing and Able To Learn

People will be Willing and Able to Learn When:

  • They are open-minded
  • They feel inspired to continuously improve
  • We hire and value people who have the capacity to learn and apply knowledge - not just on their current knowledge
  • They use flexibility in their thinking and behaving
  • Learning is the way of life, it happens every single day, it is not a special event
  • They believe learning is a continuous journey that has no end.
  • We are all continuously evolving

What Behaviors Would You Expect to See That Demonstrate the Value of Being Willing and Able to Learn?

  • People willingly stepping outside of their comfort zone
  • Questioning
  • Pursuing learning opportunities
  • Showing initiative
  • People understanding the tangible benefit from going to off-the-job learning opportunities
  • People who are enthusiastic to learn new skills
  • Taking on new tasks, expanding what they can do

What Results Will Follow by People Having/Using this Value of Willing and Able to Learn

  • Multi-skilling
  • Flexible workforce
  • Skilled and passionate people
  • People performing their roles, accepting change and enjoying the variation in work
  • Reduced downtime, reduced cost
  • Better quality of profit
  • Greater customer and team member satisfaction

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