What's Your Vibe?

Captivating or Alarming?

Key Point: Your energy will have people either loving you or running for the hills!

Does your energy send people running for the hills when you enter a room?

Quantum Physics, tells us that all we are is energy - vibrating at extremely high speeds. The particles and electrons that make up our body cause us to take physical form. And, because we are energy you send off vibes that others feel. Even people who don't believe in this woo-woo stuff.  (See the end of this article for a link to the relevant science on this)

Don't believe me? Think about this ...

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the atmosphere?

For example, have you ever gone to someone's home for dinner and without the couple having said a word, you know that they are fighting and/or tense. It is all you can do to bolt your meal down quickly and get out the door.

Or, that there is a lot of joy and love in the air. They just 'seem' to feel right with each other and the world. That's an example of you reading vibrations.

I recall, when I first walked into Colgate-Palmolive Labrador for my job interview, the energy of that organization was palpable. Without anyone having said a word to me, you could feel the energy and the enthusiasm of the people working there, simply from the way they were interacting with each other and then with me.

You just knew that they loved being at work. Within the first 30 seconds, of walking into that Reception area, I decided that I would do whatever it took to get that job! I just wanted to be a part of the team that could create that vibe.

Your energy field (which is made up of your emotions) vibrates to the people who surround you each day. Again, according to quantum physics everything in the world is interrelated and inter-connected. In other words you have an effect on other people because of the energy you vibrate.

What's Your Vibe? Love or Fear?

Ever been in a meeting and had one person who was feeling a bit grumpy? They may not say anything, but their entire body language is seething. And he or she turns the whole meeting into a depressive and electrically charged event? Everyone walking on tip-toes, wondering what's got into him/her?

People's feelings are contagious.

Now, because we are all inter-connected that means we are constantly exchanging energy with each other. And that can be dangerous and delightful. 

Certainly you may show up in a wonderful myriad of emotions and behaviors, that range from optimism to despair, but at the core of it you are either coming from a place of connection with your 'Power Source' or not.

There are probably only two true vibrations that you send out. These are either fear or love.

Monitor Your Emotions - What You Give Out, You Get Back

The type of emotional energy that you attract, to you, will be the type of energy that you are giving out.

If you are filled with fear and acting grumpy or jealous then, just as night follows day, you will attract experiences that you would define as negative. Surely, you've had the experience of having a 'bad hair day' and everything seems to go wrong?

Or, maybe you have had the experience where you were feeling okay, not outstandingly good, but not outstandingly bad either. Then someone comes along, who is in a rude, belligerent, angry mindset, and you find yourself reacting in a similar manner. The other person probably doesn't even realize that it was his or her vibe that got you shifting ... from a pussycat to a tiger!

And of course, delightfully the reverse is true too - someone bounds in, filled with their Child energy and it lifts the entire group!

And here's something you need to know. There's a psychological term for this. It's called entrainment.

Your Vibe is contagious ...

Make the Choice to Feel on Top of Your Game

Which Power are You Going to Use?

You have probably also had those days where you've felt on top of the world, and no matter what you have turned your hand to, it turned to gold dust. Best create more of that hadn't you!

Sooo .... The power is in your hands. Send out Vibes "I'm feeling on top of my game" and you will naturally attract to you people that reinforce and support you being at your best.

Send out Vibes of "The world is tough. I'm not having the time of my life" and you will more than likely attract people and situations that just don't have you in that humming place. Your choice - how do you want to feel?

Now, even when situations are tough, I try to look for the good in the situation.

I look for things I can appreciate (and sometimes the only thing I can appreciate is: "Well, I'm grateful that I'm learning this is definitely what I don't want!").

In his book "Man's Search For Meaning" Viktor Frankl wrote about his experiences in Concentration Camps during World War II. His conclusion was that no matter where we find ourselves, no matter the circumstances that surround us in our life, the one thing over which we will always have power is the freedom to choose our attitude.

Monitor your emotional state. If you are feeling negative simply ask yourself, what thoughts do I need to think in order to feel better in this moment?

If you are filled with love, joy and optimism ...

You set yourself up to attract an abundance of empowering experiences.

One final question...

Which Leader Would You Prefer to Work For?

One who is optimistic and inspiring ... who, when he or she leaves the room, leaves people feeling engaged and energized.

Or a leader who is a doom and gloom merchant. Constantly in a pessimistic mindset ... who, after you walk away from him or her, you can't wait to have a shower and wash off their negativity?

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