Leadership and the Law of Attraction

Key Message: Your thoughts and feelings dictate your success levels. Choose your thoughts and feelings wisely

Thanks to the "The Secret" the universal law of attraction has swept the world. (Unfortunately The Secret didn't tell the whole Secret... but that is for another article!)

Whether you know of it or not ... believe in it or not ... this 'law' impacts every single aspect of your life. Like electricity or gravity, you don't need to know how it works, just simply accept that it does!

If you want to live a highly successful life ... in all senses of the word ... understanding the principles of Law of Attraction will certainly help you attract the success you are ready for.

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the work of Abraham-Hicks several years ago. Since then I have deliberately chosen to live my life, following the principles they share. And boy oh boy, my life just gets more and more delicious each day.

The Universal Law of Attraction Principles

  • We are vibrational energy
  • Our vibrations dictate the reality we live - (that which is like unto itself, is drawn)
  • When you are in alignment with the larger part of you (your Source Energy), life flows more freely and easily
  • Your internal guidance system (your feelings) let you know if you are in or out of alignment with yourself and your desires
  • Only take action after coming into alignment
  • You don't need circumstances or others to act in a specific way in order to be happy
  • Appreciate
  • Live lightly, fully, friskily, eagerly anticipating, joyously

Lets take a look at each of these universal law of attraction principles in more detail.

Vibrational Energy

The science of quantum physics has shown that everything in this universe is simply energy. Energy vibrating at such rapid speeds that it (more or less) magnetizes energy on similar wavelengths so that it takes physical form - that includes the chair you are sitting on, the computer you are looking at, the dog at your feet and of course you! Seems far-fetched doesn't it!

Now, how does that relate to our thoughts ... well keep reading!

Scientists have proven that our thoughts can actually change matter.

For example US, researcher Cleave Baxter, was conducting an experiment on white cells. He took a sample of his saliva - and placed it on a centrifugal. Halfway through the experiment he had a sudden idea that he would cut the back of his hand to see if that might affect his white cells.

As he went in search of a lancet, to cut his hand with, he happened to glance at the chart that was recording the electromagnetic activity of the white cells. It had already registered intense activity.

In other words, his white cells (which were outside of his body) were reacting to his intention to cut his hand even before he had actually inflicted the cut.

universal law of attraction vibrating thought

So what does this all mean? The experiments, conducted by Cleave Baxter and other researchers, helps us to understand the profound impact our thoughts can have.

Your vibe attracts and repels

Our thoughts and feelings send out very strong waves of vibrational energy. It is our thoughts and beliefs that drive both our behavior and what we notice in life.

Surely you know people who seem to have bad luck follow them everywhere. And, you probably know others who just seem to blink, to have gold dust litter at their feet. This is because we magnetically draw things to us, or repel them from us, with our vibration.

Our vibe is determined by our thoughts ... so whichever way a person's predominant thoughts and expectations are focused, they will either attract success or failure.

What's Your Dominant Vibe?

Where do you give most of your attention and thinking?

Is it to how tough you've got it at work?

To how you can't rely upon the people you work with?

Or are you more focused on all the good things you have at work and how most people want to contribute in a meaningful way?

If your life isn't exactly how you would like it to be ... then start to become aware of your dominant thoughts. Are they serving you or dis-serving you? Read more about your vibe and how to get it where you want.

Come Into Alignment

No matter your religious or spiritual beliefs - most people can agree that there is a part of ourselves that is bigger than just our physical body. Some people call that energy that resides within Spirit or Soul or God or Your Higher Self or Source Energy - you may have a different label (I like to call it my Power Source).

When you tune in to this larger part of yourself, you act with grace, dignity, courage and joy.

It is so important to align your daily actions and activities with your Power Source. If you are regularly feeling out of kilter, feeling like your energy is being sapped - it's a sure sign you are out of alignment with your Power Source.

You may well be asking what does she mean by Alignment? I have come to understand that ...

Alignment means that you are acting and making choices while connected with your Power Source. That all-knowing wise part of you that contains a much broader perspective. When connected in this way it leads to feelings such as:

Happy, Energized, Enthusiastic,
Joyful, Satisfied, Content

A fundamental principle of the universal law of attraction is that no matter what it is you want in life - from strong healthy relationships, to a car, to health, to feeling terrific as soon as you ask for it - your power source is on to it.

Your job is to come into vibrational alignment with what you are asking for.

And the way that you do this is by noticing how you are feeling ...

Tap Into Your Guidance System

In the past much of my life was spent with little attention to my emotional state beyond knowing that often I felt out of sorts and that maybe my life wasn't all it was meant to be.

If you are regularly feeling out of kilter, frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed, you may well find the answers you want to a better feeling life by tuning into your emotional guidance system.

Once you're tuned into your feelings then deliberately choose to bring yourself into alignment with your Power Source, by focusing on feeling peace, ease, hope, optimism, love, freedom, positive expectation, passion, enthusiasm etc.

Only Take Action After Coming Into Alignment

When you take the time to connect with your Power Source and get that feeling of alignment with that wiser part of yourself ... (that energy within you that creates universes) ... and then turn your attention to focusing on what you want and why you want it - any actions taken (after this small moment of quiet) flow more easily and are more successful.

It is when you take action without getting clear about why you are doing it and how you want to feel about it ...

without aligning to your Power Source ...

Struggle Street generally rears its ugly head.

Now, no matter what is happening, whenever I find myself out-of-sorts or in a situation I'd prefer not to be facing, I ask myself these questions:

  • "How would my Power Source view this situation?"
  • "What can I think or do in this situation to feel better?"
  • "How do I want to show up in this situation"

Don't Sweat The Circumstances

Before making use of this practice, like most people, when I found myself in a situation not to my liking - for example dealing with a colleague who hadn't performed the way I expected - I would get caught up in the drama. Often times ending up upset, frustrated and/or annoyed.

And, like many people, this can become a pattern of thinking and feeling that flows on into many areas of life.

Using the practice of coming into alignment (asking myself those 3 questions above) means that these types of situations don't impact me nearly as much. I now deal with them much more quickly and in a much healthier manner. Don't you want that for yourself?

Focus on what you want ... not what you don't want

Applying the universal law of attraction means that rather than pushing against what you don't want ... now you will keep your attention focused toward what you want to have happen differently.

You make peace with where you are.

You even start to look for the benefits in the situation. For example, a particularly difficult to deal with person, might just be helping you to get clearer about the types of relationships and work colleagues you want to deal with.

I highly recommend "The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships" by Esther and Jerry Hicks (the original source material of the universal law of attraction phenomenon).

Be Appreciative

In order for you to manifest what you desire one of the easiest principles of the universal law of attraction is to live with an attitude of appreciation. This will take you at warp speed toward sending out the vibe that attracts more good things to you.

One of my favorite exercises is first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening, laying in bed and glorying in all the wonderful things that I can appreciate.

From having a bed to lay in, to my wonderful daughter, to my awesome clients and visitors to my websites, to my horse, my dog, my health, my joy at life ... It sure is a high octane start to the day and a glorious way to fall asleep in the evening. Try it you'll like it smile

Be Light, Free, Frisky and Fun

One of the things I love the most, about universal law of attraction teachings of abraham-hicks, is that we all make way too much of this.

Abraham constantly reminds us to be playful, have fun ... life is meant to be joyous.

All you need to do is relax, get happy, keep focused on what you want to move toward, and life will be the dream you want it to be.

What Does The Universal Law of Attraction Mean For Your Leadership Career?

In order for you to fast-track your leadership career you need to get your predominant thinking patterns focused on what you want and why you want it ... and here's the two most critical elements ...

  1. As you are thinking about it you must feel positive emotions - such as joy, happiness - with your current circumstances AND
  2. You must be looking forward with positive expectation to what it is you desire.

You do this by visualizing, focusing and feeling excited about and drawn to what it is you want. So, if you want your career to be successful, you have to ensure that your thoughts, and feelings, are aligned with the actions you are taking, and you have to believe that it will happen. If you don't have that positive expectation that it will happen, then it simply won't.

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