Because of accelerating change, 
it is critical that you and your team 
approach change with
high levels of confidence 
and low levels of anxiety and stress

What has it been costing because 
your team,  
your organization 
aren't tapping into their potential?

Are you willing to pay that cost?

Feel free to use these powerful concepts to change the way you and your people think and perform ...

Are you ready to




Enthusiastic Team Members

Able to recognize opportunities they were unable to see in the past

A New Standard of Leadership

Combined with a new standard of personal, professional and organizational capability

People Performing

At levels that exceed both internal and external customer expectations

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Success Stories

Here's what people are saying about our program!

Lindsay Mintenko

Managing Director, USA Swimming Team

"This is a tremendous way to make the world a better place. The curriculum allows you to dream further than you've ever dreamed before; dream outside the box. The program allows you to try everything you can to get there, and be the person you need to be to get there."


Production Manager, The Coca-Cola Company Indonesia

From 25,000 cases per day to 50,000; 

production efficiency has increased from 33% to 70%

and sales have doubled

"During the time that we have been using The Pacific Institute at our Jakarta Bottling Plant, production output has increased from 25,000 cases per day to 50,000; production efficiency has increased from 33% to 70% and sales have doubled."

Melissa Crawford

Organizational Development, Air New Zealand

Results: 357% increase in normalized earnings, 2,104% increase in net profit growth, 

13.69% increase in operating revenue

"I am so pleased at how well staff are taking to this program and the incredible stories that are flooding us about the impact it is having on people's lives. We also have an AMAZING team of facilitators who are so passionate about the program and this infects everyone they come across." - 


Production Manager, The Coca-Cola Company Indonesia

"The Pacific Institute has helped us transition to a forward - focused, flexible, performance-oriented culture and to achieve the mindsets within our business that were essential to our evolution of business strategy. They helped us achieve a shift in accountabilities and processes that allowed us to look for opportunities for continuous improvement which lead to substantial increases in our effectiveness."


More Success Stories

Here's what people are saying about our program!

Leon Holschbach

CEO, Midland States Bank

We wouldn't have a profitability run rate 9x what it was last year.

"The Pacific Institute has helped us unleash our potential. We are a different bank than the one they first started working with. Then we were stable horses, now we're a herd of thoroughbreds. They have helped us become more agile, better thinkers, better team-players, more courageous. Without them, we wouldn't have been 'ready' to make the acquisitions we did. We wouldn't have had the mental agility or the stomach for it. We wouldn't have a profitability run rate 9x what it was last year."

Royal Australian Air Force

Pass rate of student pilots rose from 46.8% to 65.5%.

 Mean time from commencement of studies to suspension dropped from 72.2 hours to 65.5 hours.

$22 million saving in pilot training costs over 24 months

Headquarters Support Command, which is responsible for basic air and ground training in the RAAF, took the initiative to use The Pacific Institute for qualified flying instructors (QFIs) and student pilots to pursue personal development, training excellence and total quality management.