Shelley's Ideal Client

Where You Are at, at the Moment

  • You are somewhere between 30-55. You'll have 5-30 direct reports, and you probably work in a large multi-national - particularly in FMCG. You are looking for a way to lead that is outside of and/or supplemental to the traditional training you are receiving from the organization
  • You are excited to lead your team and organization into being rockstars in your industry
  • You've got a keen desire to learn and grow and make a real difference, both to the business, yourself and your people
  • You want to inspire your people to make use of their potential and for all of them to love what they do at work
  • Make A Dent In The Universe resonates loudly with you
  • You are going places and looking for ways to flourish even more. You might be a little frustrated because you don't have the best role models to learn from in the leaders whom you report to (or are peers with)
  • You probably have an income of $150,000-$300,000 and are keen to move that toward $450,000+. (We've successfully guided hundreds of leaders to promotions and four people to CEO)

Who You Are


  • Want to be inspired and inspiring
  • You're an influential decision-maker in a growing and thriving business
  • Are excited about developing your own potential (and role modeling this to others) and are focused on being your best
  • Share your learning with others
  • Are positive, optimistic and fun - wanting to dance lightly, yet powerfully, through life
  • Are insightful and reflective. Taking note of what is working/not working for you and are prepared to take responsibility for focusing on what you want and taking action to make the appropriate changes
  • Are open to your spirituality and connecting to your 'higher source energy'
  • Find me easily and naturally. Believe in me and are a huge fan of my products and me and regularly refers others to work with me. Readily acknowledges the impact that working with me is having in your life
  • Buy many other of my products/services. Pay quickly and promptly and feel good about it
  • Are not a complete rebel but at the same time are certainly not a conformist... you have a spirit and willingness to take risks and to be a little different from the norm
  • Are a great leader and firmly marching the path to becoming a remarkable leader... and know that by improving yourself will bring great leaders with you
  • Know that amazingly successful people never go it alone - (You want, not need, a great coach and mentor working with you to keep you focused on sailing into your potential)

Your Hot Points and Pain - What Gets You Mad and Worried!

  • You may be feeling uneasy that maybe life is racing by and you haven't made, or even know, what dent you are meant to be making
  • You have too much to do and too little time - you are feeling stressed and busy, busy, busy. Working too many hours and its impacting your family and social life
  • You might have people under-performing and not getting along as well as you'd like, bringing you problems you wish they'd solve themselves and are frustrated at how to get them to stay on track and being at their best
  • Not getting promotion/recognition as quickly as you'd like
  • Team not achieving targets which impacts on your financial success and this sometimes keeps you awake at night
  • Afraid that you could be leading better. Doing the best you can, but really don't know if what you are doing is right, or even leading you toward high performance
  • At times feeling overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of what you are trying to achieve
  • You worry that your manager thinks you have it all under control, when you are concerned that you don't and the cards could all come tumbling down (don't worry they won't - most leaders feel this way at some time, you just need a safe place to talk about it and get some reassurance)
  • You sometimes feel like an island and that there isn't a lot of support for you. (As one of my clients says, "Leadership is lonely")
  • That sense of unease that you are being successful, but not flourishing. (Not one single person that we work with is broken, nor do they need fixing ... we just work with great people who are ready to be remarkable)

The Outcomes You Are Really After

  • You want to make a real difference by delivering great business results AND influencing and guiding their people to their potential WHILE creating a workplace that buzzes with life, energy and great vibes
  • To get a promotion, to be recognized as being good at what you do
  • To have felt that what you do in life has been meaningful
  • Less stress, while still being a top performer
  • To be seen as a really strong candidate for future senior leadership positions, but doing it with life balance
  • See more of your family, but also to have a kick-butt career
  • You want to live, love, and lead remarkably, so that ... 
  • You have a very positive impact each day on the people in your life - professional, personal, community (We make sure that you have the clarity that ensures that each day you show with deliberate intent)

The Hidden Benefits that You don't Know About and Will get by Working with Shelley

  • You have a sense of clarity about what to do next and how your life unfolds that you just never dreamed of
  • You discover how to build better relationships at both work and home
  • You tap into more of your own potential and it will make their life easier
  • You get a sense of relief when you realize that there are plenty of others out there who feel just the same way you do
  • You absolutely develop a mindset of success and your life becomes more effortless
  • You will sit in your rocking chair at the end of your life, knowing you have lived a life of meaning and flourished. (That you made the dent you were meant to and life was, and continues to be, good)

What You Expect Make a Dent Leadership to Deliver

  • Growth through connection with self
  • Practical advice
  • For the Make A Dent Leadership team to keep growing and learning and sharing leading-edge (yet tested) information with you.
  • Focus on your needs
  • Quality products, with a powerful impact, that you can use over and over and without Shelley being there
  • Information that connects you to their power source
  • Insightful learning that gets you to reflect and think/behave differently
  • Calls/emails returned within 24 hours
  • To model to you how to be more power-filled as a leader and an individual
  • Keep you on track to being your best and bringing out the best in others
  • An environment where you can question, debate, share concerns without fear and in complete confidence and safety
  • Knowledge that challenges your thinking

What's Included in the
Make a Dent Products/Services

  • One-to-one coaching
  • Webinars
  • Face-to-face workshops
  • Podcasts and Audios
  • Articles & Ebooks
  • Ecourses
  • Self-Assessments
  • Templates/Checklists

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