Testimonials For Shelley Holmes

Cheryl Jowitt

CEO & Director

Rebel Media

Rebel FM

Breeze FM

Improved Systems Means Improved Profits 

In our first meeting it became very apparent that Shelley knows her 'stuff'. She 'got' our business (and the challenges we were faced with) so rapidly that I came away with several ideas I could implement immediately. After that meeting, we hired Shelley on retainer and she's been working with our team for just over 3 years.

Shelley has coached me to guide and inspire my team to think like business-partners, so that we can continue to deliver amazing radio to our listeners.

Shelley also helped us introduce additional revenue streams into our business, but more importantly, she helped us to develop the systems and mindsets for high-performance so that we could support that growth.

I have seen improved performance in not only myself, but also in the key people in my team.

If you are looking to join the 2% of teams that achieve high-performance, improve your business profits and team's productivity, and personally grow into your potential, then I highly recommend you contact Shelley for your free consultation.

Jan Bijsterbosch, 

Senior Vice President, Emirates Flight Catering

Shaped Leadership Skills

When I think back on the time we worked together, I always realize how much of an influence you had on my career.

I have spread the learnings from you throughout the Middle East now ;-). We have over 6000 employees, so your influence has been far-reaching.

I always think back with very fond memories on our work together. It really did shape my leadership skills.

Nadine Catanzaro

State Manufacturing Manager

Coca Cola Amatil

Enhanced Leadership Style

Working with Shelley I was able to identify genuine opportunities to further engage my team to improve performance and reach my personal goals as a leader.  

Shelley challenged my thinking and enhanced my leadership style. 

Helen Besly

Managing Director


Business Profited In Many Ways

Shelley has been an invaluable high-performance leadership coach and mentor to myself and our leadership team for a number of years. She has been an integral part of the development of our leaders as our business has grown and matured.

You can reply upon Shelley for great insight into unclear situation. Her ability to cut to the chase and hold you accountable for moving beyond limitations is delivered with ease, providing you with a deep belief that you can be more than you currently are.

Our business has profited in many ways, from both the coaching and the leadership development workshops Shelley has delivered to use. I would highly recommend Shelley to you if you wish to develop a team of high-performance leaders.

Jane McDonald,

Executive Director Corporate Services


Identified Several Significant Cost Savings

Our business is a not-for-profit and people do brilliant work in the communities we serve. However the bottom-line and the impact of their daily decisions on our cash-flow is not top of mind. 

We engaged Shelley to deliver the Zodiak program, and were delighted with the outcome. She delivered a fast-paced, high-energy program. Throughout the day our leadership team held rich discussions, made many linkages back to their roles and team, and we identified significant potential cost savings and revenue generating ideas.

If you want to shift your culture and get everyone in your team thinking like business-partners, I highly recommend Shelley.

Keith Stanley, 

Managing Director, Marketing Express

Changes to Your World View

When you are in your day to day action you sometimes don't have time to think beyond your own world view.

In leadership there is often no-one to go to, that's where Shelley comes in.

She asks the questions that you don't ask yourself.

Shelley changes your view: instead of what's happening to you to what are you doing to make it happen to you.

Shelley challenges the self-delusion you sometimes use to justify not doing something.

I have personally grown by working with Shelley and each session I take away a new pearl to add to my collection.

She has helped me understand myself better. I know the whole world responds to how I choose to react to it

Allisa O'Connell,

 Executive General Manager, Flight Centre

Personal Growth, Professional Improvement, Increased Profits

Shelley has provided me with objective, insightful feedback that has helped me improve my leadership.

Shelley has challenged me to look at my weaknesses as an opportunity for self development. I know that by working with Shelley I have seen personal growth, professional improvement and the business has seen increased profits.

Coaching for me has been the material difference in continual development of my leadership. I have Shelley to thank for her openness and commitment to me. She has pushed when I needed and lead me to my own finding.

Kathy MacDermott,

Queensland Executive Director,

Property Council of Australia

Building High Performance

Shelley has worked with me for the past two years and has helped me enormously through her coaching skills on building a high performance team and delegation.

She is both challenging and supportive, with a deep understanding of the commercial environment in which I work.

Her enthusiasm, expertise and kindness make her an excellent coach and wonderful to work with.

Valerie Campbell-Hogg,

CEO, Silkwood School

Stretched Thinking

Thanks so much for the Thought Patterns for High Performance Training. It was exactly what our team needed to set the tone for this year. We are now all fully focused on delivering the results we want and building the systems we need to deliver leading-edge education.

So thank you and keep doing what you do so well, it does INSPIRE!

Mark Wales,

Managing Director, Essential Outcomes, Queensland

Life Changing Decisions

I started coaching with Shelley through 2 sessions that were given to me by a colleague. I was keen to improve myself both personally and professionally, but was skeptical of what personal coaching would do for me. My two sessions turned into 6 months of coaching that has ultimately led to a dramatic improvement in my quality of life.

Working with Shelley gave me the confidence to make some life changing decisions to achieve the work-life balance that I desired without forsaking being who I want to be professionally. She helped me to define my personal boundaries and life priorities; two things that guide me through every major decision in my life. She taught me to look deeper into life's challenges and tackle the cause of the issues rather than the symptoms that are sitting on the surface.

I am now well on my way to creating the lifestyle that I want for myself and my family. I have a renewed enthusiasm to everything that I am doing. Life is great! Thanks Shelley.

Mark Emney,

Global General Manager, HelloWorld

More Effective & Impactful

Shelley Holmes has made a significant contribution to my ongoing personal development with significant flow on benefit to the teams I lead and the broader organization that I work in. Shelley is very easy to work with and we soon developed a trusting relationship which enabled us to stretch my comfort zones to become a more effective and impactful leader. Thank you Shelley!"

Grant Donovan,

Director, Workplace Global Network, Perth

More Time Wanted At Conference

Thanks again for presenting at our Conference. As in every other year, your sessions rated highly, with participants asking for more time with you. Look forward to seeing you at next year's conference.

Kelvin Blair, 

Site Manager, Alinta Energy

Stepped Up A Level

Leadership development is not always easy and requires lots of self evaluation. Shelley makes you feel at home with this 'risky' part of learning.

I found the Breakthrough Leadership teleseminar course an excellent resource for stepping up a level; the format, the resources and Shelley's great teaching style all make for an enjoyable, insightful and efficient way to really develop. - Thanks!

Baljinder Tanda,

Change Leader, Towoomba Foundry

Preferred Coach

We met Shelley in Brisbane 8 years ago. The impressions were impressive enough to recall her name even after 8 years. Shelley advised and gave counsel on Self Managed Teams & World Class Teams and how long organizational readiness can take to get right in this area of work.

We always found Shelley to be a seasoned professional backed up by sound advice and methodologies. We have no hesitation in recommending Shelley as a preferred coach in the Organizational Change, World Class Teams and Self Managed Teams arena.

Stacey Barr,

Performance Measurement Consultant

More Centered In Work

Well, where do I begin to describe the value Shelley has given to me?

A sensitive and caring listener, a challenging and enlightening questioner, a provider of new ideas and resources to support me, always giving more value than promised.

My strategy is clearer, my values are more alive in my work and I am more centered in my work with clients.

Shelley is a professional business coach and more: also a good friend, a dependable supporter and a personal cheering squad!

Peter Marer,

Director, PM Insurance Advisory Services

Unleashed Potential

The impact Shelley Holmes has had on the way I view life continues to be one of the most rewarding areas of my self development as a father, a partner, and business owner.

The human spirit is full of dreams, ability, and unfulfilled potential.

Working with Shelley for the last 18 months has confirmed this without doubt; Shelley has helped me find the keys to unlock those dreams and abilities as well as helping me have courage to make the choices that allow me to start the journey to fulfil that potential.

Marie Dunn, 

Director Culture & Change,


Challenged To Do Things Differently

Shelley's firm but supportive approach forces us to face those things about ourselves we'd rather deny and helps us understand how these are the very things limiting our potential.
While we can find 101 excuses why things aren't working, Shelley refocuses us on discovering the truth behind every situation.

In doing so she throws down a powerful challenge to do things differently and create new realities through personal growth.

The combination of no-nonsense adviser and spiritual mentor makes Shelley the perfect guide for those ready to undertake a journey of discovery.

Michelle Donnan

From Rigid Communication Style to More Engaging

By gaining a stronger understanding of my own character type, feelings, strengths, goals and things that truly motivate me I have gained a higher level of self confidence and belief in myself which will assist in my achieving both personal and business goals.

I have always had a strong communication style but have moved away from being rigid and directive to being more engaging and caring which has already enable me to be more approachable.

I really have enjoyed the Breakthrough Leadership Series

Cherie Walters,

General Manager, Talsico - Inspiring Learning

Appreciating Own Uniqueness & Valuing Differences Of Others

Shelley was helping us get to know ourselves a little better and that if you are going lead and influence others (whether it is in your work, personal or community life) you need to understand yourself first. How you deal with things that come up, how you work and live with people and what your strengths are, we're all going to impact on your success as a leader.

One of the most powerful learnings has been that who am I is not right or wrong. It might be different to how someone else is, but different is just different. Each of us are unique and it would be boring and limiting if we are all the same (and not much fun either). Throughout the program Shelley has helped me appreciate my uniqueness and made me much more confident about what is me.

Scott Wright,

National Leader,

Flight Centre

Group Got The Best Out Of Themselves - Ever

Shelley is really gifted in drawing on a huge volume of information and making it concise and pertinent to the issue at hand. This goes for one on one or a group environment.

Our group unanimously thought it was the best session we had ever done. From a self development point of view many of us dug deeper into ourselves at this session than we had ever gone before with family or friends.

Shelley's planning is thorough but she is able to remain flexible and adapt to where the group is going to get the best out of themselves at that time.

She has a unique style that allows everyone to feel comfortable in expressing themselves but doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the core issues ... non judgmental is probably the key word.

Bruce Duggan,

National Safety Manager, Sandvik Mining & Construction

Changed Direction In Life

Spending just half an hour a week on the phone with Shelley was enough to bring about a changed direction in my professional life.

All of those critical things that I had learned over the years, but forgot to practice were brought back into focus. Shelley helped inspire me into action in a number of areas and I am certainly much more effective for it.

John Swinburn,

Learning Strategist, Talsico - Inspiring Learning

New Level Of Confidence

I thought you'd be interested to hear how the material we covered with you in August has improved my ability to discuss business.

In particular, it has helped me to manage some challenging conversations and personalities by not getting defensive and understanding that people can jump to false conclusions if they haven't had the time to digest fully the complexity of what we do.

It was empowering stuff and has given me a new level of confidence and subsequently allowed me to set higher professional goals.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Narelle Carter

Refreshed & Enlightened

The Breakthrough Leadership course has allowed me to understand there is a different way of leadership, and that it is ok to be myself and allow others to be themselves. People are different and do things for many reasons, they are not right or wrong, they are different.

I would highly recommend the course to leaders who are at the stage where they need some personal guidance rather than the traditional management training methods.

The course has been refreshing and enlightening with a very personal approach and wonderful support from Shelley.

The weekend summit was fantastic with a different insight into peoples personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

It is all about self awareness and Shelley was able to demonstrate this throughout the course continually and with enthusiasm.

I just wanted to say thank you, that you have been truly inspirational!

Alison Gray,

Network Manager, Powerlink

Clear Direction - Moving Forward

Shelley has a knack for helping you look inside yourself - I now have a better understanding of my strengths as well as the areas of my life where I'm my own worst enemy.

Coaching with Shelley has motivated me to get clearer on my own direction, and assisted me to take some significant steps forward along that path.

Amanda Cawthorn,

Production Manager, Arnotts

Fantastic Position In Life

Shelley helped me find out a lot about myself through her mentoring and advice. This support helped me make a number of important decisions that have put me in a fantastic position in my life.

Shelley also is a dedicated and energetic trainer. Her ability to ensure her training sessions are effective and also fun is amazing.

I always walked away with enhanced knowledge through Shelley's great use of examples.

Marie Lismore,

Quality & Learning and Development Manger, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals

Practical Motivation To Action

Shelley has excellent presentation skills with the ability to facilitate the involvement of all participants.

Her presentations are practical, motivational and she has a wonderful skill in influencing people into action.

Nikki Brun,

Training & Development Manager, Rigby & Peller London

Spreading The Word!

I forwarded your words onto my six store managers, and two of them have got back to me to say how inspiring they found it. One who is a new manager said it gave her a completely different perspective, and the other one said she was so pleased to find the words that explained what she aspired to. I have encouraged them to forward your email on ...

Way Of The Heart Journal

Enlightening Presentation

Thanks so much for your session Shelley, your message touched all the participants and your presentation was certainly a highlight of the conference. Your presentation was incredibly motivating and thought provoking! Your knowledge of the topic and the enthusiasm and humor with which you presented made the day fun and informative for everyone in attendance. Thank you for treating us to such an enlightening presentation about the Spirit of High Performance Leadership

Sharon May,

District Convention Co-ordinator, Toastmasters District 69 Convention Team

Keynote Speaker for ToastMasters Annual Convention

It was interesting to see our audience who were depleted of energy after a three-day conference become totally energized by your keynote address. They were inspired and prompted to deliver their personal best and extend their boundaries, and indeed challenge themselves to further expand their horizons.

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