Terms and Conditions for Hiring Shelley Holmes

Below are the terms and conditions that you must accept prior to hiring Shelley Holmes, (High Performance Leadership Mentor for Make A Dent Leadership.com) in a professional capacity to help support you and your business' growth. Please read fully, prior to hiring.

Being coached by Shelley

Most clients prefer to use Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp to chat. However, if you prefer to use a landline let me know, but please note that you do pay for all phone charges.

There are three classes of coaching clients:

  • 1
    Those who work with Shelley on a regular basis i.e. Regular sessions scheduled each month
  • 2
    Those who contact Shelley on an ad hoc basis to work with them on an as needs basis and
  • 3
    Corporate clients who hire Make A Dent Leadership.com on retainer and Shelley coaches a number of leaders within their business (please contact us for more information about hiring me under a retainer basis)

Session times

If you have chosen to have regular coaching calls, you will have a standard appointment time for your coaching session. As much as possible, you and Shelley will both honor this scheduled time and work toward arranging any other appointments outside this period. However, from time to time you or Shelley may need to shift the scheduled coaching time.

If you are an ad hoc coaching client, then always use the online calendar.

Coaching call procedure 

The coachee calls the telephone number advised by MADL at the prearranged time. If you have a stable internet connection we can use Skype or Zoom. You pay for all telephone charges for private coaching sessions. For webinars, MADL will pay for the conference call bridge hire and you pay telephone charges to call the conference number. 

What you are paying for

While you are being coached, and/or in an on-going retainer relationship, you gain access to information, advice, support, collaboration, strategies, continuous presence, energy, creativity, availability, partnership and my commitment to your success. Not necessarily just time, or the number of coaching sessions. 

You can get as much value from 10 minutes of coaching as you can from 3 hours of coaching. It all depends on timing, openness and synergy. You can expect me to challenge you, offer fresh perspectives, make requests, acknowledge your wins and guarantee utmost confidentiality in this powerful relationship. 

Additional contact outside scheduled sessions

If you are in a regular monthly coaching, and/or have us on retainer, then e-mail contact is included in our coaching partnership. You may e-mail at any time, and as often as you like to ask questions, share wins, ask for support or any other reason. Please feel free too, to make brief, unscheduled phone calls.

If you are an ad hoc coaching client, then emails will be charged in 15 minute increments at the hourly rate of $550 per hour.

Joint accountabilities

When hiring the Make A Dent Leadership team to run a training workshop, webinar and/or consulting, you are responsible for:

  • Having the right people available for the training days,
  • Reasonable access to senior management for on-going progress reports, discussions and problems
  • Re-production (photocopying etc.) of master materials supplied by Make A Dent Leadership.com for use by your Leadership team
  • Providing quick and appropriate feedback if at any time you feel uncomfortable with the direction we are heading
  • Ensuring commitment to change is real, and actively supported, by people of influence in your organization
  • For webinars Make A Dent Leadership.com will pay for the conference call bridge hire and you pay telephone charges to call the conference number.
  • Ensuring that there is a 'champion' for supporting high performance leadership
  • Adhering to the payment schedules established for this project

Make A Dent Leadership.com is responsible for:

  • Provision of master materials to support training program or consulting recommendations
  • Providing updates and progress reports at your request
  • Informing you of any peripheral issues that emerge which we think merit management's attention
  • Flexibility, in times of availability, so that we provide support to all members of your business
  • Advising you when your requirements are outside our scope of expertise, and where possible, help you find the appropriate resources
  • Modeling and coaching of the behaviors leaders require for success in a high performance work environment
  • Ensuring that all Make A Dent Leadership representatives comply with the policies and procedures of your organization
  • Signing all appropriate non-disclosure documents

We will both inform each other immediately of any unforeseen changes, new developments or other issues which impact and influence the project so that we can both adjust accordingly; we will accommodate each other's unexpected scheduling conflicts; we agree to err on the side of over-communication to keep each other abreast of all aspects of the project.


Unless otherwise agreed between Make A Dent Leadership.com and the client a non-refundable deposit, of 50% is payable immediately upon booking of workshops and/or consulting days. The balance is due one week after the engagement. Expenses will be billed on completion. This includes full airfare, hotel, all incidentals, food, transportation and parking.

If the workshop/coaching requires products (such as, but not limited to Zodiak, Trimetrix profiles, Thought Patterns for High-Performance etc) these products must be paid for, in full, at time of ordering. These products will not be ordered from my suppliers until your invoice has been paid. You will be informed of any additional costs at the time of booking the workshop/coaching. 

Webinars are paid in advance via online payment credit card/Paypal.

Our policy is that retainers and coaching are paid in advance. If we are in a regular month-to-month coaching relationship, or you have hired us on retainer, you are invoiced via email on the 14th of each month and is payable within seven days. 

If you are booking coaching on an ad-hoc basis, please pay for your coaching before the session.

It is an unpleasant experience, for both you and us, if we have to ring and remind you to pay us for your coaching. Please be clear, that we do not keep clients who consistently pay their invoices late.

Airfares and accommodation 

You are responsible for all travel and accommodation costs to any venue outside the Gold Coast/Brisbane region for MADL personnel. 

Travel to destinations more than 100km from Brisbane City will be charged at 50% of the hourly rate, unless otherwise agreed. 

All airfares and accommodation (non-smoking) are payable and booked by you. Consequently, if you cancel or change the booking, you absorb any penalties associated with the booking. 

Please note, for travel below 4 hours the flight can be booked in economy/coach class. For flights in excess of 5 hours, the flight must be booked at business class or better. This gives you the best chance of our presenter arriving alert, and ready to perform at his/her optimum. 

Additional expenses during travel 

All additional expenses, e.g. food, taxis, parking etc will be billed upon completion of the work. Expenses will be billed as actually accrued and are due within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. 

Cancellations and postponements

Cancellations/changes to coaching sessions are made at least 24 hours in advance. There will be no refund or credit for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled session.

If you cancel a workshop or webinar, and it is not re-scheduled within 2 months, the following fee schedule will be in effect from the time notification is received by MADL 

  • 30 days or less before the engagement - 75% of fee 
  • 31+ days MADL will retain the entire initial deposit and this will be considered full and complete payment 


It is recognized that you may have future plans, business affairs, customer lists, financial information, job information, goals, personal information and other private information that you will share during your associate with us.

At no time either directly or indirectly, will any member of Make A Dent Leadership, voluntarily use any information for their own benefit or disclosure or communicate this information to a third party.

We will not voluntarily divulge that you are in a coaching/mentoring relationship without the express permission of those individuals.

That means that what you are doing, how you are doing, what you have accomplished and your personal secrets and shares are not discussed or hinted at to anyone else. From time to time, the person who referred you to us may ask how you are doing. Our stock answer: He/she is doing just fine. (Period).

Copyright and intellectual property 

Copyright and intellectual property rights on all tangible materials (such as reports, training materials, information sheets, frameworks and booklets) and inventions (such as ideas, methods, concepts, discoveries) created or produced by the consultant as part of this project are retained by the consultant (unless other arrangements between your organization and Make A Dent Leadership.com are made).

Nature of relationship

Results are not guaranteed. Clients enter into coaching/workshop facilitation/consulting relationship with the understanding they are responsible for creating their own results. 

You should be aware that the coaching/consulting relationship is in no way to be considered or construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy. 

You agree not to take any legal action against Shelley Holmes and Make A Dent Leadership.com, based on any matter relating to the relationship or Shelley's performance (or any of the Make A Dent Leadership.com associates) of services within it.


Naturally, all clients complete their coaching/consulting at some point. This is a perfectly normal part of business. Clients work with Shelley from times ranging from as little as one session through to 9 years.

We expect you to leave when you no longer get the value you wish, or when you need a break.

However, the one thing we would like you to consider prior to stopping coaching is that you are finishing for the 'right' reasons. That is, it is because it is time, not because you have started to hit some of your real hurdles, and you are afraid to go 'there'. If you feel it is time to leave, please communicate freely with us.

And, keep in the back of your mind, we have had many clients come and go several times. So once we've entered a relationship that works well the door will always be open for you to come back into coaching.

Acceptance of terms

Clicking on the checkbox (in our meeting scheduler) indicates acceptance of the details, terms and conditions on this page and provide approval to begin work as specified. Alternatively your initial installments indicate full acceptance and also will signify approval to begin.