Taking Inspired and Successful Action

Ready to take inspired, successful action? To turn dreams, hopes and wishes into reality? Here are tips to help you set yourself up for the success you desire

Got lots of great dreams? Been visualizing your success, but it isn't coming? You've probably missed an essential ingredient in the success chain!

Many people have taken "The Secret" far too literally. Yes, the process is to visualize and become aligned with your desires. But the critical step is this ... once visualized and aligned then you must take inspired action.

Moving from dreaming to doing is the key to your personal and business success. The most successful people in life commit to taking action on a regular, consistent basis.

Successful entrepreneurs are great implementors. They make decisions quickly and act on them just as quickly.

Less successful people often sit on the fence trying to decide what to do. Hoping that the 'perfect' answer will present itself. Then, because they are often unsure of themselves, they don't commit to following through with the action. Or, they change their mind at the drop of a hat.

Inspired Action is far superior to plain action

Feel Great About What You Want

By now you might be wondering what is the difference between action and inspired action? Good question!

No matter your religious or spiritual beliefs - most people agree there is a part of ourselves that is bigger than our physical body. Some people call that energy that resides within Spirit or Soul or God or Your Higher Self - you may have a different label. I like to call it my Power Pack.

Your Power Pack is the part of you that has a broader perspective. When you tune in to it you act with grace, dignity, courage, and joy.

When you take the time to connect with your Power Pack and get that feeling of alignment with that wiser part of yourself ... (that energy within you that creates universes) ... and then turn your attention to focusing on what you want and why you want it ... any actions taken, (after this small moment of quiet), flow more easily and are more successful. 

It's about tuning in to why you want to do something and feeling good about it. So that you come from a place of courage, rather than fear. 

You come from a place of inspiration, not desperation. When you take inspired action, you are operating from a mindset of 'I want to' not 'I have to.' Each of these two mindsets have a very different energy and vibe. 

Use a mindset of

'I want to'


'I have to'

With inspired action you put yourself on the 'path of possibility'. Opening yourself up to new ideas, information, and opportunities. In the Potential Into Reality program we share with you 5 tips for taking Inspired Action

Most people set goals from a fear-based place. Fear of not having enough money. Not having the relationship they dream of. Not having the status they desire. So they take actions to limit those fears.

However, running from something is nowhere near as powerful as running toward something. Running in fear is not sustainable. Eventually your 'heart' for whatever the goal is will stop beating. And you'll find reasons and excuses to stop.

If you take action and it is from desperation, rather than inspiration, you may not get the results you desire. Often desperation causes you to sabotage yourself.

In the training "Potential Into Reality: Mindset and Goal Setting Techniques that Inspire You to Take Action on Your Dreams" I show you how to move from desperation to inspired action, so you easily enjoy the success you are ready for - on a sustained basis.

When You Take Inspired Action, You Put Yourself on the 'Path of Possibility'

Action will always produce a result. Yes, sometimes the result may not always be what you want. Use it is a golden opportunity to learn from the situation, dust yourself off and get back into the game.

Many years ago, I had the choice to remain in the corporate arena, accepting a significant promotion. Or, to leave and start my own business. I dithered for many months unable to make up my mind.

I was miserable. Spending next to no time with my daughter, but afraid to step out on my own in case I didn't make it financially. The indecision was driving me crazy. And truthfully, driving the people around me. I was taking my frustration, (at not wanting to be there, yet not having the courage to step out on my own) out on everyone in my team.

Finally, I took a deep breath, handed in my resignation and hung the shingle out the front door of my own business. Was it smooth sailing from there on in? I wish!

However, from happiness and a lifestyle perspective it was the best decision.

Ultimately your level of fulfillment is a direct result of your actions (or inaction) throughout your life. Have you ever said to yourself, "I Shoulda/Coulda/Woulda", when you've seen someone else achieve success with an idea you had, but you didn't act upon it? Decide today. Enough is enough. Give yourself the gift of living the life you desire!

Don't Let Your Fear of Failure Stop You

When gripped by fear you do nothing. Doing nothing produces the result of .... nothing!

The best way to get rid of fear is to act. What you feed grows! Sitting in indecision, doing nothing allows the fear to grow and then you are in trouble. Inspired, successful action cures fear.

Get inspired by connecting with 'why' you want your goal.

Then get out and do something!

Inspired action cures fear

The Success Masters know that failure is merely a sign that a particular approach didn't work. That another method, another more successful action is needed. It is about having the internal fortitude to continue in the face of difficult times. A sure step to failure is to quit, at the first sign of opposition. (And you'll quit a lot quicker if you haven't connected with your 'why').

The ultimate failure is if you don't align yourself with your desire, and take inspired, successful action. 

You end up spending your entire lifetime wondering, wanting, desiring, wishing, hoping - all in vain. At the end of the day, it is your choice. To take action and maybe have a few failures, but ultimately succeed. Or to procrastinate, put off and end your days feeling dissatisfied, wishing "if only".

Successful Action Process

I recently read Mel Robbins book "The 5 Second Rule". Mel believes that people don't really want to do stuff. For example, go to the gym, eat healthier, be more productive, have that challenging conversation. She stumbled upon a system that she uses to 'get stuff done'.

She uses the analogy of a rocket launching ... countdown 5-4-3-2-1 GO! Mel says that the minute you say GO you have to move. What she's saying is that you are changing your state when you physically move. Once you've got momentum of any sort, it is easier to keep moving.

I've been using the technique for a few weeks and am finding that it is a fun way to get myself out of bed on these colder mornings. However, for long-term, sustained motivation, make sure you take the time to get to the 'why' of doing something ... so that you are living your life in inspiration, not by force.

In her book, she takes you deeper into the psychology and research behind her method. She also provides loads of social proof from people who are using her system (in fact may be a bit too much social proof!). Here are a couple of videos by Mel that provides you with more context and inspiration.

You now have this knowledge, but knowledge without inspired, successful action is useless. If you are feeling inspired, as you finish reading this page, then 5-4-3-2-1-GO. Take an action that will move you closer to achieving your hopes and dreams. Don't permit any more wonderful opportunities drift by you. Good luck.

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