A Few Self Improvement Tips

1. Self Improvement is a journey not a destination!

Let's start these Self Improvement Tips with the biggest tip of all ... Self Improvement is a journey not a destination! It's not something you do, or read once, and you're fixed.

Whenever you think you've got things together, something will pop up to give you the opportunity to take your next expansion. I firmly believe we humans are here to grow and expand. The challenges you face throughout life will give you the chance to learn and grow, or stagnate or even worse regress.

So throughout this trip called life, get to love the journey of personal development and growth. It is what you came here to do!

2. The 3 building blocks to success

The three building blocks to get the most from a self-improvement program include: Awareness, Insight and Self-Responsibility.

self improvement tips

3. Because you are unique not every tip is right for you

Keep in mind that everyone is different! Follow your own instincts about whether something you are reading, or a tool you are using, is right for you or not. You'll come across information that just won't work for you - the timing is all wrong for you - even though others have gotten great things from it.

That's okay - it's your journey, don't measure your journey ... your timing ... against others. Maybe at another time you'll be ready for it. Take what draws you and leave the rest.

4. Beware of being a seminar junky

Beware of becoming a 'seminar junky. I've met many people who go to seminar after seminar, read self-improvement book after self-improvement book ... and forget that the purpose of these types of activities is to actually get out and apply what you are discovering.

Once something resonates with you - it is time to take inspired action. Embed what you learn so that it simply becomes how you show up in life.

5. Have fun and be kind to yourself!

Too many people get far to serious about self-improvement. Keep it light. Sometimes we put way too much pressure on ourselves in our desire to be, do and have everything we have the potential to manifest.

My all time favorite saying is "Accept, where you are at, and eagerly anticipating what is coming". When I catch myself beating myself up, because I haven't been the person I wanted to be in a situation, or got the things I wanted, I gently remind myself that I am doing the best I can right now, and I have many wonderful tools at my fingertips to keep me moving toward my potential.

Okay, so now that we've covered these tips, click here to go to the self-improvement articles directory where you'll find 50+ articles designed to help you be at your best.

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