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Self-Improvement Articles for High Performance Leaders

These self-improvement articles will help you develop two of the key elements all high performance leaders possess. Self awareness and personal growth.

These self-improvement articles will help you develop two of the key elements all high-performance leaders excel at ... Self-awareness and Personal Growth.

I often say to the leaders I coach .... "If you aren't growing yourself how can you expect to grow your people?"

Relying on your previous capabilities isn't enough. Reinvent yourself regularly so that you stay relevant and at the peak of your performance.

If you continue to rely on the skills you gained in the past - the skills that got you to your current role - to carry you forward in the future, you may well pay a price. The price being a lack of trust in your ability to succeed in your current role, let alone other opportunities further along the career path.

Show your willingness to learn and adapt. Show those who make promotional decisions in your organization that you are focused on self-improvement and have the motivation to inspire others to do the same. Show them that you are growing a strong bench for the future ... not only that you are continuously improving AND that you are bringing your people along with you. That will set you apart!

If you've been on the site before, or you are in a rush, use the box below to quickly navigate to the self-improvement articles you are specifically interested in.

If you've not been here before, I encourage you to read the article below on why implementing what you discover in the various self-improvement articles is so important.

Within the categories listed below, there are articles, filled with tips, ideas and tools to help you build and sustain a high-performance culture.

Why Implementing What You Learn From These Self-Improvement Articles is Essential

Companies need leaders who are up-to-date with leading-edge thinking and developments. Leaders who can look to the future and help the organization prosper. You'll stand out from the crowd if you get a reputation as someone who is focused on continuous improvement ... of both the company's products and services and most importantly of the people and yourself.

To help your people to step into their potential, you must be a strong role model. 

Every day learn something new and then share it with your team. This is how continuous improvement goes viral throughout your workplace - which ultimately leads to higher performance.

In most of the teams I have led, we make it an agenda item in our team meetings that each week someone is responsible for sharing something new they have discovered. It could be a personal growth book they've read, a business article, a new technological concept.

Which brings me to this next important point. Make sure you are developing your skills beyond just your technical capability. A well-rounded leader enhances their capability in social, business and personal growth/personal empowerment skills as well.

The only person responsible for your success is you.

So, take control of your life by investing in yourself and your personal development.

How much responsibility are you taking for your personal growth? If you are waiting for the next course that 'management' sends you on - then you'll be part of the pack.Set yourself apart. Invest in yourself. Whether it is reading, listening to audio, attending seminars or getting 12 months access to all the VIP resources here on this site, the more that you embrace your personal growth, the more you enhance your ability to enjoy the success you desire.


  • Understanding Yourself

  • Your Career

  • Improving Your Own Performance

  • Powerful Mindset

  • Understanding Behavior

As a leader, one of your most important responsibilities is to inspire those around you. But, you can't inspire others if you aren't feeling inspired and aren't being true to you!

Ever been in a meeting and had someone clearly grumpy, but not saying much turn it into an electrically charged event? You've just been hit by someone's vibe!

What is the story that is told after you leave the room? Do you leave behind you an emotional wake this is uplifting and empowering or soul destroying?

Who are you who shows up each day to the people around you? Do you serve as a message of hope and inspiration or a warning of how not to live?

Ever been in a situation where your emotions took over and you blurted out something you later regretted? Or found yourself, withdrawing inside yourself? Use the moment of choice to avoid this

Men and women who have a strong sense of who they are shape the world. Developing your personal mission helps you define how you want to live your life.

How my mocha was delivered with joy, passion and excitement by a young barista ... one who was living purposefully!

The meaning of success is different for each of us. For many it has something to do with the level of influence, affluence and yet... isn't there a whole lot more?

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