Organizational Culture and Change

that creates High-Performance

This series of articles will help people who are leading high performance

organizational culture and change programs

These articles are designed to help you build high-performance design choices into your workplace organizational culture and change programs. Choices that inspire people to want to give of their best. Get these choices right, and high performance MUST follow.

I hope that the information on the following pages will inspire you to create a best place to work. One where people enjoy turning up for work and are inspired by the work they do.

Nurturing Your Culture and Engaging People

Creating A High Performing Culture

A quick look at how an organization's culture comes about, and the elements that characterize a high performance culture

Employee Motivation Survey

Use this survey to assess if YOU find your workplace motivating. Invite people in your team to take it, then share your findings with them.

Inspiring Motivation In The Workplace

Can you motivate someone to be fully engaged, passionate and inspired by the work you have to offer them? You might be surprised!

Understanding Your People's Desires

Understanding what gets people out of bed in the morning could be the key to inspiring high performance

Help People Identify What Energizes Them

Helping people identify what energizes them, will get them to work with a spring in their step.

Engaging People Who'd Rather Not Be There

Many people feel trapped in their job. Here's how to inspire people who might not be feeling so motivated.

How to Motivate Employees

Take a look at how I might inspire a Pizza delivery driver. It's easier than you think!

Employee Motivation Techniques

These are the Top 5 techniques to use if you want to create a high-performance workplace

Is Your Workplace Motivating Quiz

Quick 15 questions to see if you have set up the conditions that help keep people motivated

10 Ways To Foster Positive Attitudes

10 tips to foster positive attitudes so you reduce turnover, complaints and make your team one people love!

How's the morale in your workplace?

Tips identifying morale in your workplace: without using mood surveys. And how to improve low morale.

Tips for Engaging Employees

Helping your team to understand their 'because' is critical to engaging team members.

Ways To Reward

Here are the top 8 things to watch out for when putting your rewards program together. Make sure you don't de-motivate!

Book Review: Peak

Buy this book just for the bibliography! Seriously - it is filled with tips and techniques any leader can use to help create a high performance workplace

Do you have a toxic workplace?

Discover the signs of a toxic workplace. Make sure you aren't the leader who is causing toxicity in your environment.

What to do when humor is inappropriate

Here's why humor is important to performance and what to do when the humor becomes inappropriate.

Is Fun needed in your workplace? Take the quiz

Use this quiz to assess just how much fun and engagement there is at your workplace. Do you need to lighten up or tighten up?

Designing Organizations That Perform

Organization Design for High-Performance

Poor design stops many organizations from achieving high-performance. Of this you can be sure: every day you are making organizational design choices

An Organization Redesign Process (1)

Here's an overview of three crucial principles to be used when redesigning an organization. And we look at the teams you should involve in the process.

An Organization Redesign Process (2)

Following on from the first article on organization redesign, here we look at the elements involved when redesigning an organization for high performance.

Vision, Values, Mission Statements

Poorly used your teams mission, vision and values statements, will create deep cynicism throughout your organization, wisely used they are transformational

Developing A Team Vision Statement

The purpose of your vision statement is to stretch boundaries and comfort zones. To enable the people within the organization to have a sense of what could be

Developing A Team Mission Statement

Developing a team mission statement is not an exact science. You are simply fleshing out the distinctive competencies and primary reason for existence of ...

Developing Team Values

The shape of any organization is directed by the values USED by leaders with decision-making authority.

Developing Guiding Principles (1)

Ensure the long-term protection of your culture by using principles to guide decisions-making.

Developing Guiding Principles (2)

Identify the irrational rules and restrictions that are holding your people back from performing.

Principle vs Policy Quiz

Take this quiz to see if you can identify the difference between principles and policies.

Team Norms

Finding rules too restrictive and principles too airy-fairy? Then you need to create some team norms.

Managing Organizational Change

Managing The People Side Of Change

Access this training to go in-depth on how to get people to be inspired to be part of change. Use the tools and  techniques I've used and shared with my clients to help introducing change easier.

Managing Change In The Workplace

There are four elements you want to make sure you cover before you begin to manage any change (big or small) in your organization

Changing Workplace Culture

There are two things you must do before you begin changing any workplace culture. Make sure you get these done very, very well!

Managing Resistance To Change

Use these tips to manage resistance to change. Identifying key stakeholders and having a plan to influence is essential.

Barriers To Organizational Change (1)

Any time you implement change in the workplace you are going to have deal with emotions. Use these tips to safely navigate that minefield.

Barriers To Organizational Change (2)

Part two of the article on dealing with people's emotions. People's emotions are one of the biggest barriers to organizational change.

Strategies For Managing Change

To get people excited to be a part of change you need to fine-tune your skills at story-telling! A compelling vision is the key.