Mindsets to Master for Positive Leadership

Module 1: Inspiring People to Believe in Your Leadership

Key Point: You can provide a positive leadership experience when you take the time to be interested

Imagine This

So, one of your team members is basking in the sun at lunch time, and his phone rings, he looks down and your name flashes up. What does he feel in that moment?

Is it a happy, "Oh, it's (your name), I wonder what she wants?"

Or is it a stab of anxiety and, "Ugh it's my boss wonder what she is going to hit me with now!"

Either reaction is due to the emotional impact you have on the people around you. It's about how you've been showing up as a leader. 

An individual, a leader people are inspired to be around or someone they grin and bear because they want to keep their income.

This is an important leadership tip

Your success or failure depends upon how people feel about you

And, if about now you are thinking, "no Sh*t Sherlock!" Ponder this ...

How many people do you have strained relationships with at work? Just asking!

Unless you are completely self-unaware you’ll have a good sense of whether, generally, people are delighted or devastated to get a call from you.

If you’ve got people shuddering when your name flashes up on their phone you’ve got problems! Regardless of whether it is a direct report, a peer, a supplier or someone higher than you in the hierarchy.

Does this mean that you need to be perfect and keep everyone happy! Heck no. You couldn’t stand on your head in enough ways to keep everyone happy. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to bring about a positive leadership experience for those who report to you.

The most inspiring leader I ever worked for, was also the most demanding in terms of his expectations of us. Yet, every one of us in our team would have walked over hot coals for him. 

So how do you get a great vibe going on around, whilst delivering exceptional results?

You provide positive leadership when you take good care of the 4Bs of high-performance

One of the ways you can create a good vibe around you and your leadership is to make sure that you are taking care of the four B’s of high performance. The four B’s are:

Believingin what the organization is doing and the role he or she plays in getting the organization’s offering to the market-place

Belonging: having a sense they are welcomed, fit in and this community values the contributions they make

Behaving: being clear on the behaviors that will enable them to succeed

Bottom-line: delivering the right results - fast

Do you have strategies in place to ensure the four B’s of high performance are well executed?

Whilst all four B’s are critical to success, Believing and Belonging are the foundations that build the next two.

For today’s module, we’ll just focus on one of the easiest tips to apply in the B of Believing.

Do people believe you care for their success?

Think of a leader that you’d walk over hot coals for. What was it about him or her that inspired you so much?

Are you the type of leader that people Believe in?

I bet one of the characteristics, that made him or her special to you, is that you felt that he or she cared about you and your success

Here's a task for you. Write down the name of each person that works with you. Then in 4-5 paragraphs write down:

  • That individual's hopes and dreams
  • Who/what is important to them in their personal and professional life
  • Their strengths, and how those strengths are being used on a regular basis
  • Their strengths that aren't being used and they'd like them to be
  • Their weaknesses and the strategies they have in place to work around them

If you can't easily complete this activity, then you are probably sabotaging your success

The hard truth is, is that if you don't know much about what makes your people tick, you are probably self-absorbed!

If you treat people like objects … pawns to be moved around to help you get ahead, pawns who are easily replaceable … then you won’t get the success (at least not as easily or in the fullest sense of its meaning) that you want

Your desire for success, needs to be driven by your desire to see others succeed as well

Listen up. It is okay to be concerned about your personal success. In fact you must be. Because nobody should care about your success as much as you (not even your Mother!).

However, to get you closer to your hopes and dreams you will need to have good people around you. Good people ... high performing people ... will only stay with those leaders that inspire them. High performing people willingly work with leaders whom they respect and believe will take good care of them as they take them to new heights. 

The army have it right with their motto, "Take care of the troops, and the troops will take care of you"

One-on-ones support positive leadership (and can fix your time problems)

Do you have regular catch-ups with your team members? Catch-ups where you aren't talking about business, but just getting to know them better. Getting to know their hopes and dreams. Fears and frustrations. If you aren't you are likely creating a distance in your relationships ... a distance that could cost you.

Read this article to get tips on how to hold meaningful and worth while one-on-one conversations with your team. 

About now you might be sighing and saying, "Shelley, my life is so frantic and I'd love to spend more time with my people, but you should see my list of To-Do's".

Well I have a solution for your time problem ... get to know your people and get them to want to walk over hot coals for you!

Let me ask you this ...

If someone, whom you don't have much of a connection with, who doesn't seem to care too much about you and your hopes and dreams, came to you and said, "Hey, I'm in a bit of a jam. Could you do 'xxx' for me for the next couple of hours".

Would you be willing to drop what you are doing to help him or her out?

My guess, would be, 'not so much'.

You'd probably find lots of reasons why your other work is far more important.

How well would you do that task, if it is your boss, who owing to his or her positional power could make you drop everything and do what he or she wanted?

If it is a boss that you like and connect with, you'd probably do it with good cheer and to the best of your ability. You'd likely even work longer hours to get that task done, plus your own work.

If it is a boss that you don't like and don't feel has your back, it is likely to be done with resentment and to minimum standards. You'd likely leave as soon as 'times-up' on the clock!

People will pay you back when they don't like you!

When you get people believing that your leadership is aligned with what they want from life, you'll get a team of people who will go where you are leading! And one-on-ones are a key to showing your people that you care.

If you constantly feel like the Lone Ranger ... out there fighting the good fight all on your own ....

It's probably because most of the people around you don't think you will help them achieve their hopes and dreams

To live, love and lead remarkably you must change your tactics

You'll hear me say this many times ... No-one cares as much (nor should they) about your success as you. 

So, it is your commitment to a flourishing life that is on the line if you just go through these modules and don’t take action. This is the first module for a reason! You must create a vibe around you that is compelling.

Take Inspired Action Activity

  1. 1
    Make a list of the strategies you have in place to create that sense of believing and belonging in your leadership and in your team
  2. 2
    Are these actioned on a regular basis? Are they embedded into the DNA of how you and your team operate - or are they just add-ons that you get to when you can?
  3. 3
    Look deeply within yourself and decide which parts of your character need some work. Which parts of you need to be refreshed and revitalized to create that compelling vibe abound you.
  4. 4
    Complete the "How Well Do You Know Your People" exercise from above if you didn't already do so

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