Would You Want To Be Led By You? 

Could your Bs be getting in the way of high-performance?


If you want your career, income and business to skyrocket you must be relentless in enhancing your leadership capability.

It is far more crucial to your success than your technical capability 

What You’ll learn in this FREE masterclass:

If your team is performing poorly or not reaching targets, or you sense that you’ve got a missing link in your leadership toolkit this session can help.

How to stop the chaos in your organisation and get people aligned with where you are going

How to shift people from conflict to teamwork with a simple shift in mindset

How to get people to stop thinking like workers and instead acting like business partners

Decide if you are making a good use of your time at work, and what you want to do about it

The four questions every team member expects you to be able to answer competently

Identifying the most dangerous employees in your team and what you need to do 

This is a Must Attend if ... 

You're overwhelmed with workload

You've got a lot going on, and you need some tips to get back some control

You're feeling stuck 

You wanted to be an inspiring leader, but most of the time you feel like you're not connecting with your team

Your team is filled with people you'd rather not have there

You'll walk away from this masterclass with a clear idea of who you need to coach out and who you need to coach up

You've been trying for months to

get your people aligned, but haven't made any serious traction 

You are ready to take your career

to a whole new level. To be the sort of leader that others want to role-model. 

You are ready to make your team the

"A" list team. The team that everyone wants to be a part of because they are doing such great teams

Valerie Campbell-Hogg


Silkwood School

Ideas to Develop Team

I would like to let you know that I have really enjoyed being a part of this learning team. You have delivered sessions that have given me some great day to day business tips, made me stretch my thinking and given me many ideas for personal development with my team.

But most importantly the sessions have supported me to re-connect with my personal dreams, which had been tucked away for a number of years. So thank you and keep doing what you do so well, it does INSPIRE!

Keith Stanley

Managing Director

Marketing Express

Thinking Changed

Shelley has worked with me over a number of years as a personal coach. I have also engaged her for some of my staff, and she has worked in my company to develop some of our HR functions.

Shelley made an incredible difference to my life, my effectiveness and my preparedness for career moves. Her approach is to ask the right questions and guide you to discover the truth about yourself. This method means that your thinking changes as you work through your challenges and blockages

Nadine Catanzaro

State Manufacturing Manager

Coca Cola Amatil

Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

Working with Shelley I was able to identify genuine opportunities to further engage my team to improve performance and reach my personal goals as a leader.  Shelley challenged my thinking and enhanced my leadership style. 

A Note from Shelley 

After being a leader in, and consultant and coach to high-performance organizations with revenues in excess of $166 billion, I can confidently say that when you apply the 4Bs framework, your leadership capability will skyrocket. You'll shift from doing okay to being the 'rockstars' of your industry. 

As a leader you have a massive impact on your people and your community. Let's make sure it is a powerfully, positive impact .... because you want to make a powerfully positive dent in the universe don't you?

If you're willing to invest 60 minutes to get fully up to speed with the most powerful leadership framework you'll ever use, I promise to reward you with tips and tactics that you can go out and immediately apply to improve your results. 

My goal for you? After this free masterclass, you will walk away saying, "I know how to get more discretionary effort, engagement, co-operation and competence from my people." 

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