Workshops And Keynotes Offered by Leadership Speaker Shelley Holmes

Shelley Holmes is a leadership speaker who delivers both a message of inspiration and a dynamic leadership experience. People leave her presentations energized with fresh ideas for improving themselves and their organizations.

Whether keynote, conference, executive retreat, seminar, or other corporate event, Shelley's transforming messages of inspiration, possibility and self-discovery have helped create powerful changes in hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals worldwide. Her unique ability to inspire her audience to positive action will be the highlight of your event.

Shelley's solid experience as a leader within several high performance organizations and coach to many hundreds of high performance leaders takes her way beyond a mere motivator. Her insightful, challenging questions and understanding of human behavior, coupled with real-world experiences provide audiences with a wealth of practical information and hands-on techniques they can use right away to help them be successful leaders who people consistently choose to follow.

Make them laugh and they will learn! Shelley provides entertaining programs with take-home content to build your success.

Shelley's presentations consistently receive rave reviews for the practical information they contain and for her energetic and enthusiastic delivery. With humor and zest, Shelley energizes your audience with her keynotes, after-dinner and workshop programs - helping organizations to grow from the "inside" out. For your next event, make the connection with Shelley ..... her enthusiasm flows and her content sticks.

Why You Would Like To Work With Shelley

  • You have identified that your current leadership team requires support and on-going development in order to create a workplace that allows each person to be their best, delivers real value to customers, distinguishes you from your competitors and importantly supports the rapid growth of the business.
  • You are ready to ensure that your leaders actually integrate and apply to a high level the learning and knowledge that they will gather during a continuous and on-going leadership development journey.
  • You are ready to continue in your commitment to the on-going development of Your People and you want them to sail closer to their potential

Are These Your Objectives?

  • Provide your management team with another level of leadership skills so they can bring out the best in their people and deliver strong business results
  • Create a common language and mindset that will enable people to communicate effectively
  • Help the individuals to gain insights into themselves so they know when, where and how to best use their own individual talents and when, where, and how to call on the talents of their peer group and their direct reports
  • Enhance their energy and commitment to internal and external customers
  • Develop a strong bench of future leaders

Below are examples of the topics and training that various sessions in the Be Inspired To be Inspiring program may contain. However, the sessions are able to remain flexible enough to allow the team to drive the agenda to meet their needs at that specific point in time. The emphasis is on it being a journey that ensures the participant's needs are being met, rather than a prescribed travel route that may or may not meet the needs of the group.

And, the beauty is, if getting people face-to-face with me could provide a challenge for you, we can even run most of these sessions as Webinars. Located in the Gold Coast, Australia (close to Brisbane), I've worked with clients around the world - from Hong Kong to the U.K to the United States.

leadership development model
High Performance Leaders need to excel in each of these three areas.

Each of the sessions can be roughly placed in these three areas. Of course, some have cross-over. The key is to ensure that you are rounding out the entire person and team.

Be Self Responsible

Would You Work for You? (Two Days)

  • Understanding yourself through self-assessments and 360 feedback
  • Defining your strengths and working a plan to maximize them
  • Creating a team that understands how to work together to maximize each others strengths
  • Shifting Styles of Leadership – from Warrior to High Performance Leader
  • Why the traditional style of leadership is rapidly becoming obsolete
  • How to shift to a style that inspires performance

Please note for this program you are responsible for the cost of self-assessments and 360 feedback for each person. (Please budget $575 per person, over and above the normal workshop costs.)

Minimizing the Impact of Emotions, Stress and Poor Behavior (Half Day)

  • How archetypes impact on people's behavior and how to work with them
  • Why people sabotage their own success
  • How to ensure your personal well-being and success as a leader
  • Dealing with your own and others emotions and defense mechanisms
  • How self-deception kills performance and what to do about it
  • Taking responsibility for self-defeating interpretations

Being On Purpose: Creating & Using Personal and Organizational Honor Codes
(Vision/Mission/Values) (Half Day)

  • How you can lead with authenticity and congruence
  • How to ensure the people in your business are inspired by you personally and your organizations' mission
  • Being self-responsible
  • Making clear decisions based on who you are
  • Ensuring you are being your potential

Is Your Game Face Getting In The Way? (Half Day)

Each day as we go to work, most people put on their 'game face' ... their 'mask' ... that enables them to get through the day in an unscathed and non-vulnerable way. Yet this mask can be at the core of what is stopping you from bringing out the best in your people.

  • Why allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be the most powerful thing you can do
  • How to burst out of your comfort zone and take greater risks
  • Using the power of Four Agreements that will transform your relationships with others

Time Management (Half Day)

  • Take control of your time
  • How to work on the important before the urgent
  • How to organize your paperwork and email for most effectiveness
  • Controlling drop-in visitors and getting your work done
  • Saying "No" without offending anyone
  • Dealing with other major time-wasters: phone calls, paperwork, equipment and working tools
  • Juggling priorities

Build Strong Relationships

Understanding Human Behavior & Managing Differences (Half Day)

  • The top self-esteem building behavior
  • Three things you should never do if you want to build a team's self-efficacy
  • Three ways to ensure people get their fundamental needs met
  • Attitudes, Comfort Zones and Self-Talk, how they all impact on performance and how you can control this to achieve great results

How to Stop The Games People Play (Half Day)

  • Why people play games
  • How to avoid being hooked into the games
  • Resolve communication breakdowns
  • Understanding the Drama Triangle

Communicating with Power (Full Day)

  • Understand how your behavior affects others and how to adapt it to bring out the best in others
  • Understand your reactions to other people
  • Know how to maximize on what you do well
  • Understand the different personality styles facing the leader
  • Using tools to change your behavior so you have far more effective interactions with others

Please note this program includes a 14+ page Success Insights DISC Profile Report. Please budget an additional $175 per person over and above the normal session cost).

Influence Tactics (2 Days)

Session 1: Preparing for the challenging conversation

  • Understanding the stories you've created
  • Moving yourself out of conflict thinking
  • Bringing yourself into alignment
  • Understanding your life position and its impact

Session 2: Preparing for the challenging conversation (continued)

  • Understanding collusion and self-deception
  • Discovering Shared Contribution
  • Diagnosing the type of conversation you need to have

Session 3: Conducting the Conversation

  • Making and keeping the conversation safe
  • Establishing Common Purpose
  • Diagnosing Can Do/Will Do Problems
  • Agreeing on shared action plans

Session 4: Dealing with Unfolding Issues

  • What to do when emotions flare
  • Handling excuses, broken promises and lies
  • How to rebuild safety
  • The signs of successful dialogue
  • How to return to the original topic

Conflict, Consensus & Decision-making (Half Day)

  • Identifying conflict and decision-making styles.
  • The difference between command and consensus
  • Knowing how to tap into the only two things that will get people out of bed each day

Using Influence without the Benefit of Authority (Half Day)

  • Understanding different working styles
  • Techniques that build personal leadership
  • Managing your boss: How to help building a winning team

Align Potential

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A High Performance Leader? (Full Day)

Almost everyone has the potential to be a high performance leader. Unfortunately great role models are short on the ground.

This session will help you understand the elements that go into being a high performance leader and will help you to come away with some clear strategies you can implement to bring out the best in yourself and your people (no matter your work situation).

  • Understand your motivation for becoming a leader and whether that will help or hinder you to make a dent
  • Create your personal vision and know how to use it to inspire high performance
  • Identify and then choose at least four of the characteristics of high performance leadership that you use to increase the performance of you and your team
  • Understand the two things that get people out of their bed each day
  • Know how to design the elements that inspire people to want to come work with a spring in their step
  • Recognize the personal impact you make on others and being aware of whether are you a message or a warning.

Designing High Trust Work Places (Half Day)

  • Using the 4 elements of trust to create the conditions for high performance
  • The steps to building high performance teams
  • Reviewing the trust levels in your team
  • Creating an action plan to enhance trust in your team

From Frustrated to Performing (Two Days)

  • Understanding why you behave the way you do
  • Your personal impact on performance
  • Becoming the champion for the self-talk in the team
  • Identifying tolerations/boundaries/standards
  • Confronting under-performance early
  • Creating a 'because' that inspires
  • How to ensure team members feel they are important and making a difference
  • What makes YOUR people tick
  • Self Responsibility for all --- stop solving their problems!
  • How to create fun in the workplace ... so it inspires
  • Developing Business literacy and an environment of continuous learning
  • Being a High Performance Leader

Creating a Self Reliant, High Performance Team (Full Day)

  • Measuring Team Development and understanding your impact as a Leader
  • Assessing Your Team's Stage of Development
  • Developing plans to move to the next stage
  • The need for ongoing evaluation
  • Understanding the behaviors of team members and team leaders at each stage
  • Being able to Asses, Negotiate and Grow Teams to Self-reliance
  • Developing Shared Plans of Action

Putting People's Strengths To Work & Managing Team Talent (Half Day)

  • Identifying individual and team strengths and weaknesses
  • Matching the right people with the right job
  • Creating a workplace that engages and inspires
  • Why it's important to develop people
  • How to develop a strong bench-strength of future leaders

Understanding Leadership Styles (Half Day)

  • Understanding the various leadership styles you can use
  • Impacts and consequences of each of the styles
  • Discovering which one/(s) works best for you and your team

Coaching for High Performance (Full Day)

  • Preparing for a coaching and counseling session.
  • The process of performance improvement coaching.
  • The two most powerful motivators
  • Communicating clear expectations and agreeing on shared action plans
  • The importance of patience in coaching and counseling effectiveness

Running Effective Meetings (Half Day)

  • Meetings as a key tool for leadership
  • Determining the purpose of meetings in advance
  • Meetings showing leadership in action
  • Avoiding ineffective meetings
  • Rules for maximizing meeting effectiveness

How to Delegate for High Performance (Half Day)

  • Why getting things done through others creates high performance teams
  • Three decision-making styles you can use
  • Selecting the right people
  • Thinking through the job
  • Delegating with participation and discussion
  • How to make sure it Get Done, Done Well, Done On Time

Involving Your Team in Goal Setting (Influencing & Inspiring) (Half Day)

  • Tapping into the emotions and skills of your people
  • Developing a sense of control
  • The key to personal empowerment

Becoming a Master at Managing Change (Full Day)

  • Understanding the J Curve
  • Developing a 'sense of control'
  • How to communicate the change initiative so people buy-in

Principle Based Leadership (Half Day)

  • How to distinguish between principle and policies
  • How to use principles to lead teams
  • Developing principles and team norms
  • Implementing and bringing to life team norms

Organization Design For High Performance (Full Day)

  • How the design choices of systems within the organization impact on each other
  • How the organization can be re-designed to ensure people have 'good' work

My role is to help facilitate, support and challenge your leaders to really open themselves up to each other, to trust that they are safe and to really build a sense of togetherness. The benefits of this then flow throughout your entire organization: as your leaders strengthen themselves and their bonds they strengthen your business.

The benefits that you will derive from developing your leadership team will include, but not be limited to:
  • improvement in the business, organizational and emotional intelligence of all members of your team
  • improvement in bottom-line results
  • improved communication between all teams within the business
  • solid foundation as a 'best-place-to-work'
  • an ongoing and self-sustaining high performance culture in your organization that continues to produce results long after we complete your training.

Click here for information on engaging Shelley. Or use the calendar below to set up a time to discuss with Shelley your needs and how she could help you and your team.