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At Make A Dent Leadership get hundreds of free leadership training resources that accelerate career and personal growth, enabling you to make the difference you are meant to.

When you want new ideas, encouragement, assistance, or uplifting, spend time interacting with these 400+ online leadership training articles, ebooks, ecourses, audios, self-assessments and quizzes. You will discover, ideas, tools, and resources in these key areas:


Here are the elements you need to build a high performance culture that inspires people to want to give their best. Along with tips on how to get people to be a positive part of change programs.


This series of articles helps you get both individuals and the entire team performing at their best. Great teamwork starts with individuals performing well, so we'll give a lot of focus to this.


Your success rests on how well you can influence others. In this section of the site you'll get the tools you need to communicate effectively with others and inspire people to want to go where you lead.


These self-improvement articles are designed to help you start thinking about how you want to create your dent. Along with tools to help you understand what makes you (and others tick), and to consistently be at your best.


Here you'll discover everything from how to better manage your out of control inbox to reviewing various leadership styles that high-performance leaders use (and those you should avoid) to carry out your day-to-day work.


You'll be able to use these quizzes and self-assessments to gain insight to both your own performance and the performance of the people you work with.


More in-depth than the articles, these ebooks and ecourses help you master the skills you need to lead your people. Your choice if you buy individual books or get them all for one price as a Make A Dent member


Checklists and templates make life easier. You'll find many of them in a variety of formats from Word documents and Excel for Pcs and Pages documents for Mac users.

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