Leadership Assessment Tools that are Accurate

Want to know some of the best leadership assessment tools, without a survey or 360 in sight! Here are a few criteria that will never fail to let you know how you are going as a leader

Although there are hundreds of thousands of leadership assessment tools available to you online -- and you can find many self-assessments and quizzes here on this very site - there are a few ways of assessing your performance which are far more effective, (in my humble opinion), than anything you'll get out of a computer or a piece of paper and pen.

Here are three ways you'll know straight away how you are going:

  • How do people respond to you?
  • How's your career going?
  • What are your results like?

Let's take a look in more detail at each of these, if you look closely and are honest enough in your own assessment they'll never fail to let you know how you are going!

How do People Respond to You?

  • Are they for or against you?
  • Does the room light up when you walk in or does the cloud of doom come down?
  • Do people seek you out for your thoughts, insight, and advice?
  • Are you listened to in meetings?
  • Are people willing to try your ideas even if they are radical or unproven?
  • Are you included in social events?
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How is Your Career Going?

  • Are you sky-rocketing up the corporate ladder (if that is what you want of course!) Or have you plateaued in a job that doesn't ignite you?
  • Are you seen as a mentor or a rising star?
  • Have you been offered to work in different areas of the business or on cross-functional project teams? (Good way of assessing your 'worth' to an organization - how often they get you involved in x-functional activities)
  • Does anyone from your leadership team come and bounce ideas off you?
  • Have you got good work/life balance or are you a slave to the job?
  • Are there a number of people that you can point to who are rising stars because of your mentoring and leadership?
  • Are you the 'go to' person when there's a challenge or crisis that needs strong leadership?

What are Your Results Like?

  • Is your team delivering remarkable results?
  • Are you personally satisfied with how you are tracking - that you are making the dent in the universe you intended?
  • Do you feel you are under-living your potential by a long-shot?
  • Do you consistently receive bonuses and salary increases?
  • Are you living the lifestyle you desire?
  • Are you happy?

The thing is when you can look at how things are going - are you happy, are you delivering results, do people like and respect you -- you have all the information you need to know if you are successful.

Sure, you could choose to improve your skills in specific areas - (for example, one of the favorites in many leadership assessment tools ... develop the capability to look at the bigger picture), but these assessments, more often than not, don't take into account that each individual can be successful using his or her own strengths and style.

For example, in the Manager To High-Performance Leader self-assessment - (over at the quizzes and self-assessments page), lists 99 areas of potential competence -- you couldn't possibly be awesome at them all!.

No one skill set is going to make you a great leader. But keeping your eye on the elements listed on this page are going to give you an excellent barometer for how you are going.

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