Leadership & Business Coaching, so Your Company Becomes a 'Rockstar' in Your Industry

Set your business apart with leadership and business coaching

The reality is that change and steep competition are here to stay.

You can beat yourself up about how tough it is. Or you can choose to get on and thrive. Which choice are you going to make?

Ready to become 'rockstars' in your industry?

Improve your results by hiring Shelley for leadership and business coaching for you and your team.

Any company that wants to stay in business must focus on continuous improvement in all facets of their organisation ... technical capability, productivity, customer service, cost control and profitability.

Most small-medium sized businesses grow in spite of themselves.

To thrive in any industry, you need to be able to use the business models, mindsets and tools from the big-end of town, alongside the nimbleness, flexibility and creativity of being a small business.

Not only that, you need to be the type of leader that people want to follow. The type of leader who inspires confidence in your people, your customers and the marketplace.

If you aren't that type of leader and you want your business to thrive, then you must upgrade your capability.

Business Results

You'll go out of business if ...

  • you don't have the systems, mindsets and tools that enable your people to think and act like business-partners, rather than employees.
  • you aren't the type of leader who inspires confidence and loyalty
  • you aren't using the 4Bs of high-performance - Believing, Belonging, Behaving and Bottom-line

What gives me the right to provide business and leadership coaching and mentoring? 20+ years as an independent coach and consultant to leaders in several high-performance organizations along with being an integral leader in the start-up and running of a High-Performance facility for Colgate-Palmolive for just over 10 years.

Types of results achieved by working with Business & Leadership Development coach Shelley Holmes

  • Employee retention equating to $350,000
  • For the #1 growth company in Australia, this leader went from Area Leader to CEO in three years
  • This division achieved the highest profit returns for the company
  • This company declared an ROI of up to 12 times their investment
  • This division received the highest satisfaction rating for leadership for the entire company
  • This company was the 8th fastest growing communications company in the world, and through coaching their leadership team took charge of their expanded responsibilities

Whilst I cannot guarantee you these exact results, I would expect that similar benefits will be achievable and I promise to do everything I can to help your leaders be just as successful.

Which package best suits your needs?

Which Package is Right for You?

Rockstar - $$$

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24 x 45-minute coaching sessions over 12 months.

Rockstar is for leaders who know that to make any change sustainable and built into the DNA of how you live and lead, you must commit to long-term growth, which is why with this package you are committing to 12 months coaching. 

Transform - $$

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12 x 30-minute coaching sessions over 6 months. 

Transform is for leaders who are getting serious about transforming themselves into Rockstar Leaderss.

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Performer - $

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6 x 30-minute coaching sessions over 3 months.

Performer is the starter package for leaders who are putting their toe in to experience coaching as they make the move from being a Charmer or Performer into being a Rockstar

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Check what my clients say 

Keith Stanley

Managing Director


Changes to World View

When you are in your day to day action you sometimes don't have time to think beyond your own world view.

In leadership there is often no-one to go to, that's where Shelley comes in.

She asks the questions that you don't ask yourself.

Shelley changes your view: instead of what's happening to you to what are you doing to make it happen to you.

Shelley challenges the self-delusion you sometimes use to justify not doing something.

I have personally grown by working with Shelley and each session I take away a new pearl to add to my collection.

She has helped me understand myself better. I know the whole world responds to how I choose to react to it

Allisa O'Connor

Executive General Manager


Personal Growth, Professional Improvement, Increased Profits

Shelley has provided me with objective, insightful feedback that has helped me improve my leadership.

Shelley has challenged me to look at my weaknesses as an opportunity for self development. I know that by working with Shelley I have seen personal growth, professional improvement and the business has seen increased profits.

Coaching for me has been the material difference in continual development of my leadership. I have Shelley to thank for her openness and commitment to me. She has pushed when I needed and lead me to my own finding.

Kathy MacDermott

Qld Executive Director


Building High-Performance

Shelley has worked with me for the past two years and has helped me enormously through her coaching skills on building a high performance team and delegation.

She is both challenging and supportive, with a deep understanding of the commercial environment in which I work.

Her enthusiasm, expertise and kindness make her an excellent coach and wonderful to work with.

Marie Dunn

Director, People & Culture


Challenged To Do Things Differently

Shelley's firm but supportive approach forces us to face those things about ourselves we'd rather deny and helps us understand how these are the very things limiting our potential.
While we can find 101 excuses why things aren't working, Shelley refocuses us on discovering the truth behind every situation.

In doing so she throws down a powerful challenge to do things differently and create new realities through personal growth.

The combination of no-nonsense adviser and spiritual mentor makes Shelley the perfect guide for those ready to undertake a journey of discovery.