Investment in Personal Excellence

Everyday you are striving to be at your best, but what holds you back?

Investment in Personal Excellence provides you with the tools to discover what is holding you back and how to lift your aspirations, your confidence, your performance to more of your true potential by changing your perception of what is possible.

Program Outline

Unit One - Making Things Happen

You don't let yourself want what you don't believe what you can make happen.

Unit Two - What Is The Truth

In order to increase your potential you need to understand the power of the beliefs you hold about yourself.

Unit Three - How Our Mind Works

Change the way you think, change the way you act.

Unit Four - Holding Us Back

There is very little in your life that is not governed by your habits and attitudes. What makes you truly effective is the application of your skills and knowledge in strange, unusual or difficult circumstances.

Unit Five - The Impact of Self Talk

The way you talk to yourself regulates the quality of your life. It is important to develop optimism in yourself and in people around you because research has shown that optimists tend to do better in many areas of their lives than pessimists.

Unit Six - Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem is developable, you are not born with high or low self-esteem.

Unit Seven - Focussing On What We Want

You are drawn towards the picture(s) that you hold uppermost in your mind. One of the keys to bringing about personal and organizational improvement is to change the pictures of excellence or dominant images that exist in the minds of individuals and organizations. Once a goal is set it stimulates your awareness of information, tools and resources that you had not been conscious of before.

Unit Eight - See Yourself Into It

Your self-image, of which you have hundreds, control every aspect of your lives.

Unit Nine - Creating Future Memory

The technique of writing out your goals in the form of affirmations is explained so that you can improve your life easily and gracefully.

Unit Ten - The Invisible Force

Everything you do, or don't do, in life is driven by some form of motivation.

Unit Eleven - Living A Purposeful Life

It is essential for your development and growth that you define your own philosophy for your life.

Unit Twelve - The Best Is Yet To Come

Discover how to powerfully inspire others by holding a strong clear image of them.

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