Assess The Impact Of Other People On Your Life

The people in your life have a significant impact on your success or otherwise.

Are the people you spend the most time with, (either socially or professionally), inspiring and inspired, motivating and motivated, dream weavers or dream stealers?

Are they the type of people who see great potential in others and are dedicated to helping everyone use more of their potential or are they people who are living a limited life?

An unfortunate flip side of stepping into your potential is that the people around you, who have not yet begun to grow may well feel threatened and may either consciously or sub-consciously try to hold you back.

The reason this occurs is that you are causing them to take themselves out of their comfort zone. And they don't like it. They'd rather hold you back then be confronted by their lack of dreams, their lack of willingness to get out of their own comfort zone and take the risk.

Choose the people you associate with and choose your success levels.

Mark Victor Hansen, one of the authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books, tells a story about a time, many years ago, when he was presenting at a conference with Tony Robbins.

Tony was making approximately $130 million per year and Mark was making $1 million/year. He said to Tony "We are doing the same thing - we both have a terrific message. Why is my income so much less than yours?" Tony's reply was that he made a choice several years ago to start hanging out with billionaires.

Mark decided to do the same and his income went up vertically. Billionaires use their 24 hours better, think bigger, use mentors and they leverage other people who have unique skills that they do not.

Even if money isn't a driver for you, this principle holds true for all aspects of life.

This technique works in every arena of life. For example, I love the equestrian sport of Dressage. Whilst I'll never be a world-class rider (and have no ambition to be), I do want to continuously improve. By hanging out with really good riders, I've improved my capability because I pick up on subtleties of technique and thinking, that I can't pick up from lessons alone.

If you really do want to live, love and lead remarkably, then find people who will support you in your goals, people who will be your cheering squad, people who will help you find the hows to achieving your desires.

Don't say too much too people who are dream thieves; instead seek out people whom you can use as a role model. Start to hang with them; they will help you step into your potential.

Certainly, you can unleash your potential, even when you are surrounded by people who may not be the most conducive, or the most supportive, it is just a more difficult path.

Sometimes you don't have any choice, so then you will have to practice selective listening – turn off the negativity people – they steal dreams. They will have all the reasons you shouldn't dream.

If you have to be around negative nellies, then you may need to shower yourself in motivation to get the residue of them off you. Listen to an inspirational audio or some great music, read something inspiring, contact someone who is in your support network.

Take Inspired Action

Think of the people you regularly spend time with, and place their initial where you feel they best fit each of the sliding scales. If you have a person/(s) appearing consistently on the left hand-side of the scale, you may want to consider how you minimize your exposure to him or her.

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