Ideal Job Exercise

This ideal job worksheet helps you identify exactly what will enable you to be at your best, both in your current role and in your next career position.

All too often people find themselves trapped in jobs they don't want.

If you take the time to use this Ideal Job worksheet, it will enable you to get clarity around the types of task, activities and environments, you need to be at your best.

With this clarity, you can then have a discussion with your leader about your current role (or your next career move). What changes you’d like to make so that you can work to your strengths.

When you are working to your strengths, you will find that you are more free-flowing, more productive, happier and ultimately feel that you are doing exactly what it is you are 'meant' to do.

You can also use this Ideal Job activity sheet with your team members.

If you have noticed that the morale in the workplace has been a bit low, getting your team members to complete the exercise may be one of the first steps you can take to getting people back on track.

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