Executive and Leadership Coaching

To Help You, Live, Love and Lead Remarkably

Executive and Leadership coaching must go beyond 'just business'. When you feel the calling to make a significant dent in the universe, you need someone you can call upon to help you stay on the path.

What Do You Want?

Do you want to live remarkably?

Do you want to lead remarkably?

It's your time to transform!

Are you and your team performing .... but .... could be performing better? Or maybe your organization is demanding that you shift from great to elite performance?

It's frustrating, isn't it? You're doing your best. But the reality is that change and steep competition are here to stay. You can beat yourself up about how tough it is. Or you can choose to get on and thrive. Which choice are you going to make?

Are you ready to thrive? Are you ready to guide and engage yourself and your people in living, loving and leading remarkably?

Are you ready for this?

Do you want to increase your income and your level of influence in your organization -- and still get home at a reasonable hour? (I have helped many people do that!)

Do you want to confidently lead up a team that are the rockstars in your industry and making a powerful impact on the world? (I've guided leaders to do that too!)

Do you want to feel that these ARE the best years of your life and you are on track to sailing close to your potential? (I've had the wife, of one of the leaders I coach, tell me that her husband is the man he is today because of the work we've done together)

Working with me you'll get a broader perspective on what YOU can do to make the impact you were meant to

We'll expand your awareness of just what is possible and reveal new choices on how you can influence others to achieve the success you want.

We'll make sure that you steer clear of the traits and decisions that put the brakes on your career and stop you from being a high-performance leader.

We are going to make sure that your life is deliberately designed (but still open to possibility), so that you don't wake up one day and think "How the 'he..' did I get here?" I never want you to be in a place doing something you never imagined. Being someone you never imagined. Our world is littered with too many people like that. I bet that when you look around you at work, you see people like that ... 'clocking their way through the day' ...

You, my friend, will avoid that trap. You'll be on target. You'll be inspired and inspiring. You'll have a clear picture of the legacy and the impact that you are going to make ... the dent you are going to make in the universe. Most importantly you'll have an obvious way to execute that vision. This is the magic you and I will create together.

I'll help you avoid the trap of 'clocking' your way through life. Instead you'll have the mindset, skills and tools to live, love and lead remarkably - both at work and at home

Vision, Action, Make a Dent

I bet some of your hopes and dreams include:

  • to be in a wonderfully supportive relationship with your loved one
  • maybe a couple of great kids, who are living out their potential
  • contributing through a job that has meaning and purpose
  • some great holidays and life experiences thrown in

Who doesn't want that right?

And I bet you want to avoid the trap of getting the promotions and then working 12-14 hour days. Being 'on' 7 days a week, so that you can afford the lifestyle you want. That isn't what you meant to sign up for, is it?

What did you want to sign up for as a Leader?

  • To be an inspired and inspiring leader?
  • To live the life you dream about?
  • Doing something worthwhile and that you love daily?
  • To be using your potential and boldly influencing others to do the same?
  • To be paid abundantly for the work that you do?

If that's what you signed up for ... and you are just not quite getting it ... then read on for how I can support you to get the results you want

Leaders who want to make a dent in the universe signed up for something more ... let me help you grow the capability to deliver on your promise

What Does Executive and Leadership Coaching Offer You?

  • This is the place you visit regularly and consistently ... to consolidate, to integrate, and to push on
  • You have the opportunity to discuss your real concerns, fears, and doubts with someone who is not going to talk about them to anyone and who doesn't have any power over your career, work-life or personal life and who does not judge you right or wrong.
  • The skills and mindset that help you to stamp out communication breakdowns, power-plays, back-stabbing and bickering between individuals and departments
  • The insights and aha moments that help you to pinpoint and eliminate the beliefs and behaviors that stop you from performing at your best

People come to coaching for a lot of reasons, but the bottom line is change.

They no longer want (or can afford for) things to stay the same, and they see that coaching can make that change happen.

The executive and leadership coaching model I use is an integrated approach. Because people live whole lives. They take their work frustrations home with them into their relationships. They bring their home frustrations into their work life. Their worries influence their leisure time and their job. 

This is why we focus on your big picture. As well as developing specific action plans that help you circumnavigate the daily challenges you want to move beyond.

The focus of the coaching model is on you becoming self-responsible...

  •  Responsible for identifying the things you need to change to get the best life you can
  • Responsible for taking the necessary actions
  • Responsible for noticing what is happening/the results you are getting
  • Responsible for making adjustments as needed

What Sort of People do I Attract as Coaching Clients?

  • Leaders who want to bring out the very best in themselves and those that surround them
  • People who want to feel passionate about life and know that they are making the dent in the universe they were meant to
  • People who ready and excited to sail close to the edge of their potential and who are willing to move beyond their fears
  • Leaders who want to and/or who already have an distinct vision and purpose for their own life
  • Leaders who want to live a life that inspires others

Why you would want to work with me ...

  • Your very best success comes when I help you to stop your limiting behaviors and traits - before they become a problem for you
  • You'll love it when you discover how to use every available moment to its utmost. To move beyond tail-chasing and fire-fighting. To being in control and intentional about how you live your day-to-day life. Not being dictated to by circumstance ... but creating worthwhile and fulfilling experiences.
  • My 20+ years expertise in guiding leaders on how to create high-performance workplaces that they, and their people, delight in being a part of
  • You'll get firm direction, tips, and tactics, without telling you what to do
  • You'll be inspired to assume responsibility for changing what you need, so you become the person/leader you want to be
  • Mischievousness, so you come away feeling energized

Choose the package that best suits your needs right now. (The most popular package is 'Transform')

  • Elite VIP Retainer Package

  • Transform Package

  • Engage Package

  • Lead Package

This is the premium package.

This package is right for you if you are dedicated to making a dent in the universe and is ready to transform your life.

What's Included In This Package Coaching sessions are scheduled at your convenience for the length of time you need (up to 4 hours per month). Talk to me when you need me. Just give me a buzz, and I guarantee to coach you within 4 hours of you making the call. Frequently we'll be able to speak straight away.

This package is NOT for people who are running their lives on adrenaline, and their life is out of control. Those type of people are better suited to the Transform package.

This package is for you when you value input from a trusted mentor and like to be able to call for guidance as and when you need.

You are likely to be a person who:

  • Has already worked with me and ultimately gets the value I bring to your life
  • Has been on a personal growth journey for some years and are now in the fine-tuning stage
  • Is looking for the edge in developing a high-performance workplace
  • Is taking on big goals and making extraordinary steps forward in making a dent in the universe

Coaching Extras

  1. 1
    Unlimited email access, with a 4 hour response time (Shelley's business hours), 8 hours outside of business hours
  2. 2
    Unscheduled phone calls (often within four hours, but never less than 12)
  3. 3
    Quarterly planning day (where we get together for four hours to celebrate the successes in the past quarter and visualize and map out what the future will bring)
  4. 4
    Access to the 250+ resources in the Members Only Make A Dent Club, where you will be able to download the following ebooks and ecourses:
  • Turning Potential Into Reality
  • Starting Your Ideal Leadership Role With A Bang
  • Managing The People Side Of Change In The Workplace
  • How To Delegate, So It Gets Done, Done Well, Done On Time
  • Understanding and Influencing Difficult People
  • How To Access Team Development
  • Communicating With Power
  • Develop the Mindset Of A High-Performance Employee
  • The Manager To High-Performance Leader Self-Assessment
  • Holding Effective, Impactful Meetings
  • Successful Feedback
  • Time and Project Management (Time Genie)
  • Successful Conduct One-on-One Meetings
  • Solutions Focus Coaching for High-Performance Leader
  1. 5
    Your personalized 'Success Insights' report that helps you to understand why some people you interact with just don't 'get you' and why you don't 'get them', what motivates you in the workplace, and how your emotional intelligence is impacting on your own and other performance. With your report and our debrief together of it, you'll shift from performing to superior performance!
  • (On its own this report and debrief is valued at $2,500 - the cost of your first month's coaching!)

Your Investment: $2,800 per month. Payable quarterly in advance ($8,400)Contact Shelley for more details.

Here are a few of the testimonials that clients have sent to me.

Here's how I describe my ideal client.

How does one-to-one executive and leadership coaching with me work?

We schedule 30-60 minute sessions - depending upon your package

We get together on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp - so you can be anywhere in the world

We find a time that works for you

You set the agenda, you set the topic ...

At the end of coaching you'll come away pumped, and confident that you have ideas and strategies, to get what you want easily and rapidly.

I look forward to working with you ... it will be the time of your life!

Send me a message if you have any questions. Otherwise use the online calendar below and set up a time for us to speak.

Your first coaching session is at the Introductory Rate of $50 (which if you decide to continue with one of the packages above is deducted from your first payment) Coaching is paid in advance, and once you've set up a time, I'll send you a link to make your first payment.

Success Stories

- Valerie Campbell 
Silkwood School

I would like to let you know that I have really enjoyed being a part of this learning team. You have delivered sessions that have given me some great day to day business tips, made me stretch my thinking and given me many ideas for personal development days with my team.

But most importantly the sessions have supported me to re-connect with my personal dreams, which had been tucked away for a number of years. So thank you and keep doing what you do so well, it does INSPIRE!

- Keith Stanley 
Managing Director 
Marketing Express

Shelley has worked with me over a number of years as a personal coach. I have also engaged her for some of my staff, and she has worked in my company to develop some of our HR functions.

Shelley made an incredible difference to my life, my effectiveness and my preparedness for career moves. Her approach is to ask the right questions and guide you to discover the truth about yourself. This method means that your thinking changes as you work through your challenges and blockages

Jan Bijsterbosch
Senior Vice President
Emirates Flight Catering

When I think back on the time we worked together, I always realize how much of an influence you had on my career.

I have spread the learnings from you throughout the Middle East now ;-). We have over 6000 employees, so your influence has been far-reaching.

 - Allisa O'Connell
General Manager
Flight Centre

I know that by working with Shelley I have seen personal growth, professional improvement and the business has seen increased profits.

I have Shelley to thank for her openness and commitment to me. She has pushed when I needed and lead me to my own finding.