DISC: Unleash the Power of Your Communication Style

Disc is a very powerful tool. For example, have you ever wondered why some people you immediately get along with and feel like you can trust them, while with others they set your teeth on end?

That's because there's four fundamental ways that people think and behave. When you unlock the key to these four fundamental ways of thinking and being, you unlock the key to being able to get along with just about anyone!

I'm a big fan of the DISC profile. It's the easiest and most effective tool I've found for helping people to understand what makes them and others tick!

Take 10 minutes to complete this on-line questionnaire and you'll open up a treasure chest of tips and tools to help you interact better with people all day, every day.

When you've completed it you'll receive a 17+ page report, (view a sample DISC report here) that describes your strengths, your struggles, what motivates you and how you prefer to be communicated with.

Imagine being able to sit, with this report in your hand, and have a conversation with someone you've always found a bit prickly, and together you work out how to better interact so that you aren't always bumping heads.


And that's not the half of it! You'll also find out how to identify other people's preferred styles, what makes them tense and how to make some small shifts in how you speak with and give them information so that they'll be more open to your messages.

Studies have shown that more than 70% of all conflicts, disagreements and communication mishaps are a result of people communicating in different styles - and not knowing it.

So - when you communicate with others using their preferred style, they'll make sense of what you're saying - the first time - and you'll enhance your ability to work with them, motivate them, and align your (and their) potential. (Pretty powerful stuff.)

Clients have told me that DISC has helped them to become even more "People Smart"

Use the DISC Action Plans and it'll be a cinch for you to get on with just about anyone!

40 million people (phew that's a lot!) around the globe have taken the DISC profile. So I guess you could say that it's found to be reliable smile

We all know that, those people who are good communicators are more often paid more and achieve more success - ever heard of Oprah?

Ready To Take Another Step in Joining the Ranks of the Successful?

Complete your profile and make use of this information today.

As well as a bonus you will receive 3 months access to the Make A Dent Club

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