Turbo-Charge Your Leadership Success With These Three Vital Pieces of Information

If you aren't a powerful influencer your leadership career will die on the vine! In this program you'll get all the information you need to become a master influencer and a leader that others willingly support.

Fully understanding yourself and others

and having the tools to act on it,

leads to a level of performance that others only dream about 

Are conflicted relationships holding you back? People who are driving you nuts and you know there are people who are frustrated by you. And that frustration is costing you. 

The ability to influence others is paramount and may be the difference 

between success and failure in your personal and professional life.

When you have conflicted relationships people don't work with you, they work against you. It may not always be in your face, but you know yourself.

If someone you don't like asks you for help, you don't respond as well as you would for someone you do like.

You might help out, but you do the bare minimum.

So ask yourself, how many people are doing that to you?

Holding out, holding back because of the tensions between you.

When you understand what you are doing that is getting under people's skin and have the tools to stop that from happening ... you'll become unstoppable.

You cannot achieve success in life with others.

Being a masterful influencer, being the sort of leader that people will walk over hot coals for is what separates Rockstar Leaders from regular leaders. 

Are you ready to be a Rockstar Leader? To be a Rockstar Influencer? In the Insights to Success program you'll get the tools that help you make that transformation.

Insights to Success

Insights To Success your online course that enables you to become a masterful influencer

How Does It Work

A combination of online learning, one-to-one coaching with Shelley and your 50+ page personalised report that gives you tips and tactics specifically targeted to you and your personal style.


You'll go online and take a 15 minute self-assessment. This generates a 50+page report that gives you insights into your behavioral style, your motivators and your emotion

  • Your behavioral and communication style and how it impacts your performance and success
  • What motivates and drives you to action - and how that can create tension at work 
  • How effectively you are applying the principles of emotional intelligence and what stress that could be bringing to yourself and others

You'll receive an email from Shelley asking you to let her know

  • Your top 3 objectives for  the next 6 months
  • The challenges you are currently facing
  • The awesome end-result you are after by investing your time and money in this program
STEP 3 - three webinars
  • Each week we overview the elements contained in the three levels of influence: Behavior, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence
  • Get your questions and challenges addressed through the Q&A and group coaching sessions
  • Max of 10 people in each class, so you can guarantee you'll get personalized attention 

When you access the online course and ebooks you'll

  • Fine tune your capability at successfully interacting with anyone
  • Fine tune your capability to design your daily work life to meet your motivational needs
  • Fine-tune your capability at using the very best emotional intelligence skills so that you succeed in any situation

Your Personal Profile

You'll receive your unique code which you allows to take your online profile. This profile produces a powerful combination of three pieces of information that are essential to your leadership success

Here's what you can expect in each of the three sections of your report


This part of the report helps you to understand why some people drive you nuts and why you drive some people nuts.

Most importantly it gives you tips and strategies to get conflicted and painful relationships back to good working relationships. Get this right and your work day flows with substantially more ease and you get a heck of a lot more done.

Strong relationships and effective interactions start with an accurate perception of yourself. Having a great handle on what takes you from hero to zero in specific circumstances and with different types of people gives you a remarkable edge when it comes to getting the results you want.

the motivators section (DRIVING FORCES)- why you do what you do

In this section part of your report you take a deep dive look at your 12 Driving Forces.

Driving Forces explains why people do what they do, what gets them excited, and what keeps them engaged.

When you are clear about what drives you, you are uniquely positioned to influence, motivate and positively engage yourself and others. 

You'll understand how your motivations can be the cause of conflict with others.

You'll discover your ideal work environments and what you need to perform at your optimum 

THE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE SECTION (EQ) - how you respond to emotionally charged situations

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is considered to be one of the most desirable characteristics in business. It is often argued that EQ is more important to an individual's performance than his or her IQ. 

Getting to grips with your EQ and using the 'what you can do to improve' tips in your report, means you'll be set up to interact with and influence a diverse range of people and situations.

Get that right and you'll be exceptionally valuable in today's rapidly changing global business world. 

Your Weekly Group Coaching Webinar

Once you've completed your online profile, your results will be sent to Shelley.

Each week after you have completed the online webinar and the course, she will send you the section of your profile that relates to that week's teaching.  

In each webinar, you'll gain greater insight to what you do and don't that slows down your success.

You'll spend time talking through current issues and challenges you are facing, and using the strategies and insights from your report to transform:

  • How you interact with others
  • How you solve problems
  • How you make decisions
  • How you get and stay motivated
  • How to perform at your best when under pressure

Using the insights and the skills you gain, you'll have the keys you need to become known as a "Rockstar" in your industry

Some of the companies I've worked with

Your Online Learning

You'll have immediate access to the online program Insights To Success. This program is designed to help you transform your relationship with yourself and the people around you (both professionally and personally)


Module 1: Influencing with Insight

  • How to never again say, "I tried to talk to her about it, but she just doesn't listen!"
  • How to get rid of the phrase, "He's such a jerk"
  • How to identify if your team is about to bottom out because you don't have the right mix of people there
  • Have a greater knowledge for yourself and others
  • Get access to the first part of your Success Insights Report and discover which of your strengths you need to use more and which of your behaviours you need to tone down

Module 2: Insights to Workplace Motivation

  • Come to grips with what drives you so you'll be more engaged, productive and satisfied
  • How to build more of what really motivates you in to your daily life
  • How to avoid the conflicts that come about because of people's differing motivations
  • Get access to the second part of your Success Insights Report and gain a deeper appreciation of how your motivators impact your performance

Module 3: Insights to Performing Under Pressure

  • How to manage your emotions and your thinking under pressure
  • How to manage your conversations under pressure
  • Discover how research suggest you can increase your income by $29,000 when you enhance your emotional intelligence
  • Get access to the third part of your Success Insights Report where you'll get many, many tips on how to get your thinking straight so that people like, respect and want to be around you

By the time we're finished, you'll have the "Insights To Success" which enable you to
 get and keep people on your side effortlessly ... meaning you'll live, love, and lead ´╗┐remarkably´╗┐!

In a few short hours you'll have all the tools you need

With group coaching during the webinars with Shelley, your own personal report and online training you'll be empowered to bring your best game ... no matter the circumstance. 

You'll have the skills to read others, keep your emotions under control and be able to influence others whatever is going on.



Unleash your potential 



/month for three payments

  • Personalised 50+ page report
  • Three Group Coaching Sessions With Shelley
  • Online learning
  • Immediate start
  • Lifetime access



Unleash your potential and save 25% by making one payment



one payment

  • Personalized 50+ page report
  • Three Group Coaching sessions with Shelley
  • Online learning
  • Immediate start
  • Lifetime access

About Shelley Holmes

Shelley Holmes, 

Rockstar Leadership Coach

Here at Make a Dent Leadership, we've inspired thousands of leaders to promotions, higher incomes, better relationships, and more fulfilling lives. And in the businesses they lead, we have seen increased cash flow, higher revenues and profits, significant cost-savings and becoming leading players in their industry.

Shelley's purpose for the past 35 years has been to inspire leaders to be 'rockstars' at transforming themselves, their people, their profit and the part of the planet they interact with.

Our business has profited in many ways from both the coaching and the leadership development workshops Shelley has delivered to us. I would highly recommend Shelley to you if you wish to develop a team of high-performance leaders.

Helen Besly

Managing Director


Working with Shelley I was able to identify genuine opportunities to further engage my team to improve performance and reach my personal goals as a leader.  Shelley challenged my thinking and enhanced my leadership style.   I would highly recommend her as a high-performance leadership mentor and influencer, with valuable perspective and depth of experience

Nadine Catanazaro 

State Manufacturing Manager

Coca Cola Amatil

I have been very fortunate to work with Shelly over the past 5 years. Her coaching has inspired greater performance in myself and my team.

Shelly has a special gift of being able to be both challenging and encouraging with her coaching. Since working with Shelley my drive and direction for how I show up in my role has changed for the better

Kylie Freeman 

Brand Manager

Rebel Digital



You'll immediately receive a welcome email from Shelley. You'll discover how to access your online ecourse and you'll be asked to tell Shelley how you'll know this has been an awesome investment for you.

Within 24 hours you'll be given access to your unique password, so that you can take your online profile. But you will not get your report back until you have completed  each module in the online course.

Once your profile has been completed, you'll get a special link to Shelley's online calendar so that you can book your first one-on-one coaching session.

Our group coaching is done via Zoom and you'll be absolutely focusing in on how to get YOUR problems and issues resolved and how YOU can implement what you are discovering.

You'll have three online group coaching/webinar sessions with Shelley. Each will last about an hour and will be spread out over 3 weeks.


You have lifetime access to the ecourse and your profile report.

You have access to Shelley for the three online group coaching webinars,  and unlimited email contact.

If you decide you'd like more one-to-one coaching after this time, then you can choose from one of the many coaching packages that are on offer. You get decide which best meets your needs.


Yes. There is reduced pricing for multiple participants.

Drop me an email letting me know how many people you want to register and I can let you know the discounted price. 


Yes. All payments are processed through Paypal or Stripe. Therefore you get the peace of mind that comes from dealing with either of these reputable companies.

On a personal note

It excites me to be a part of your support team. Helping you to be a leader who is on the pathway to becoming a Rockstar in your industry. 

You do the work and you will transform your life and career. I can confidently say that to you because I've worked with thousands of leaders who have done exactly that!