Transform Your Life With Business and Leadership Coaching

Business and leadership coaching for high performance leaders who are focused on bringing out the best in themselves and their people

I love how one of my clients described it. "Leadership can be lonely."

It can be hard to discuss the pressures and work issues you are dealing with, with your work colleagues and/or the people you report to.

Because you don't know when, or if, that information might be used against you.

Or, sometimes you don't want other people knowing that you aren't sure how to solve a particular problem.

Or you have an idea that you'd like to bounce around, with someone with an outsider's view.

This is Why Leadership Coaching with Me Works!

It gives you a safe place to come and get one-to-one focused attention on:

  • Your issues,
  • Your situation,
  • Your needs,
  • Your goals, hopes, dreams.

The leaders who are in coaching with me are high-performance leaders (or on the pathway to becoming). They aren't broken and they don't need fixing. 

They are men and women like you, who are focused on being the best version of themselves, bringing out the best in the people they work with ... and making the positive dent in the universe they were meant to.

I am on your side, with no hidden agenda or desire. Other than to see you at the peak of your game ... and loving it!

Why Should You Come into Coaching

  • Because you have goals and dreams you'd like to achieve and you see the benefit in having someone support you and encourage you
  • You'll have on your side someone who won't buy into your excuses or the beliefs that are holding you back
  • You'll power forward with greater momentum and clearer vision because coaching is action-oriented and forward moving
  • Identifying where you are now and determining where you want to be
  • You'll achieve goals a quicker because you'll be laser-focused on the action you are willing to take to get what you want out of life
  • You'll increase your confidence
  • You'll improve your relationships and communication skills
  • You'll more quickly hit your career goals

I've been a high-performance leader, however, as your coach, that doesn't mean you'll get my answers! We make sure that the answers you get come through sharing our experiences. Followed by powerful questions that enable you to discover the answers you need to the specific challenges you face. 

We work on developing the mindset that helps you to shift your focus and energy so that you can effortlessly get people to want to work with you to achieve your goals.

Wondering What Happens in Coaching?

If the people you are working with are stressing you out, because they are under-performing or fighting amongst themselves, you will discover the mindset, languaging and tools you need, so that each and every individual you interact with, is pulling with you, rather than against you.

Here are some of the types of issues that I can help you with:

  • Help you manage your boss - especially if he or she is placing crazy demands on you
  • You've got an underperforming team member, and you want to turn him or her around
  • You are in conflict with a peer, and need to get the relationship back on track for the sake of yourself and the business
  • You need to introduce change and need some guidance setting up the process
  • You need help getting your team norms, policies and/or procedures in place (or updated)
  • You are getting close to having to let someone go, and you need help making sure it is done well
  • You've got redundancies coming up, and you need help working your way through that minefield
  • You've just received a promotion, and you need to map out a plan to hit the ground running
  • You're thinking of retiring or leaving the company, and you need to develop an exit plan
  • You've got a major presentation coming up, and you need help crafting your presentation and how you deliver it
  • You've got some big targets for your team to hit, and you want some ideas on how to keep them feeling inspired, rather than overwhelmed
  • You're spending way too much time at work, and need some strategies and plans to get things done faster, so you can get home at a decent hour
  • Your team seems flat and demotivated, and you need some help working through the issues and getting them feeling engaged
  • You're new to leadership, and not sure where to begin
  • You need help learning how to delegate better
  • You just need the perspective and insight that comes from an outsider, who has no agenda, except to help you shine

Together in our coaching sessions, we will tackle the issues that are causing you to wake up in the middle of the night, feeling panicked about something you forgot to do, or something you said to someone that you shouldn't have or something you should have.

Let's work together so you can avoid laying in bed tossing and turning for hours. Waking up in the morning, with a feeling of numbness. Feeling "Here we go again."

Instead, we will work on your problems, and your mindset, so that you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and excitedly anticipating the day about to unfold.

Here's how I describe my ideal client.

Here is My Promise to You

I can make these promises to you about the impact of business leadership coaching with me because these are the types of benefits my clients have spoken about:

  • You are feeling truly confident - from the inside out. You have a spring in your step and you are excited by, not only the work that you are doing but the people you get to do it with
  • You feel an inner confidence that everything is working out well. You have a sense of knowing that you, and your team, will achieve your goals. You'll circumnavigate any obstacles that come your way
  • As you think about all that is on your agenda, you feel in good spirits. Knowing that your work absorbs your attention. It stretches you (but not too far) and you lose yourself in (in a good way)
  • You feel much more trusting of your people. You have discovered systems and thinking patterns, that enable you all to work better together and to use much more of your potential
  • You are going to fewer meetings. The ones you attend are focused, and you come away with a sense of achieving something and that it was a meaningful use of your time.
  • You have discovered how to work on the things you love to do. You successfully delegate the tasks that you aren't so good at to others. People who not only good at those tasks, but thrive upon and love doing them
  • You appreciate that you no longer feel that everything is on your shoulders.  You've discovered how to lead your people into their potential. You are confident in your ability to lead them to success. To revel in their personal growth, and your business growth.
  • You feel such a buzz. Because not only are your work relationships getting better all the time, but your intimate family relationships are healthy and filled with joy.
  • You feel like you know you are meant to feel.
  • You feel good. Because not only do you look the part of a successful leader ... most importantly you now know that you are a great leader - and on a journey to being even more so.

Here are a few of the testimonials that clients have sent to me.

How Does One-to-One Executive Business Coaching with Me Work?

We schedule 30 minute sessions

We get together on Skype- so you can be anywhere in the world 

We find a time that works for you 

You set the agenda, you set the topic ... 

At the end of 30 minutes you'll come away pumped, and confident that you have ideas and strategies, to get what you want easily and rapidly.

Regular or One off Sessions?

I've had some clients come for a single session, get what they need and then I may not hear from them again for several months. I've also got clients that I've been coaching, twice a month for more than seven years! So it all depends upon you and your needs. Short and sharp or ongoing development.

And, if you are in regular coaching with me, you get 24-hour turnaround (more often than not, within a couple of hours) on any emails or phone calls. You get priority attention from me, so that any crisis that crops up together we deal with rapidly and positively. 

As well, if you are working with me on a regular basis, you get free access to the Make A Dent Club. Your 24/7 online resource. Filled with ebooks, articles, templates, checklists, e-courses and audios. All designed to help you bring out the best in yourself and your people. When you make use of these tools in combination with your coaching you will:

  • fast-track your career
  • create high-performance workplaces
  • inspire your people to come to work with a spring in their step
  • enhance your personal life

Why do People Come into Coaching?

I asked a couple of my long-term clients why they decided business leadership coaching was right for them, and why after three years they were still with me. Here's what they said: 


Why he came into coaching:

  • His position was blocked and he wasn't moving forward and couldn't work out why.
  • I was recommended to him. At the very first session, he was surprised by the questioning and perspective that he gained

Why he stayed:

  • An atmosphere of complete trust - so that he could share his inner thoughts and desires without fear
  • Deepened his understanding of people, and the interactions between them
  • He kept increasing his knowledge of what motivates others, how to view them and himself
  • Owning the perspective that "All the sh*t is my sh*t" and having that truth enables him to deal with 'stuff' optimistically

His results:

Met his goal of moving into a CEO role for a large company before the age 50


Why she came into coaching:

  • Always looking for the opportunity to be better
  • Wanted to become better at raising excellent leaders within her team

Why she stayed:

  • I kept confronting her with her truth
  • Offering her perspectives about why others might be behaving the way they were, and how to deal with them.

Her results:

  • Promoted to COO
  • Her team was recognized and awarded as best performing team in the business

Here are Some of the Leadership Coaching Results Others have Achieved:

  • For the #1 Growth Company in Australia - I mentored a leader from Area Leader to CEO in three years
  • Within 18 months, 4 of 8 leaders in this team were promoted
  • One client (after six short months of coaching) received an award, in recognition of his remarkable leadership, as part of his trek along the Kokoda Trail
  • This person was close to burn-out. He went from self-absorbed, unhappy, pressured manager, and father, to open-hearted, inspiring and transformational father and leader.
  • After only 2 months, this leader turned a 12 year conflicted relationship, with his manager into one of respect and success
  • This client had two key team members who were ready to resign. Within a month we had the team back working together, united and firing on all cylinders
  • This leader has gone from 80-hour weeks to 50-hour weeks, with plans to further reduce! He has not only achieved a greater life balance, his department is also significantly more productive and happier and, most importantly, his family is delighted.
  • This team is the 4th fastest growing communications company in the world. I worked closely with their core leadership team, to help them gain the skills they needed, as their business rapidly expanded. Their leadership team was able to get beyond the pressures of this growth and create a high-performance workplace that has had national and international recognition.

Whilst I can't guarantee you these exact results, we should expect that similar benefits will be achievable, and I promise to do everything I can to help you be just as successful.

  • If you are ready to move beyond tail-chasing and fire-fighting to being in control, and intentional about how you live your day to day life, not being dictated to by others and circumstances ...
  • If you are ready to feel total passion for your life, and know that they are making a huge difference ..... making your dent in the universe ...
  • If you are ready for more fun and laughter in your life ...
  • If you are ready to bring out the very best in yourself and those around you ...
  • If you are ready to feel like you have entirely got your act together ...
  • If you are ready to feel total passion for your life and know that you are making a positive difference ..... 
  • If you are ready to tap into the skills and mindset needed to create a high performance workplace

Wondering how Much One-to-One Business and Leadership Coaching with Shelley Costs?

Good question! 

I promise you I will get to it in a moment! But the more important question you need to answer is "What is it going to cost you if you don't engage in Business and Leadership Coaching with me?"

  • What is your stress costing you?
  • What are the promotions that aren't coming as quickly as they could, costing you?
  • What are the niggly, stormy, conflicted relationships (at work and at home), costing you?
  • What is the overloading of work, by your boss costing you?
  • What are the under-performing team members, who report to you, costing you and your team?
  • What are all those meetings costing you in wasted time?
  • What are the hours and hours you are spending at work (or thinking about work) instead of at home 'being' with your family costing you?

The cost is very much dependent upon what you have come into coaching for and your level of leadership. Packages start at $540 per month. 

Your first session is free, as it enables you and I to decide if we are a good fit. I've had clients make life-changing (and life-enhancing) decisions and take actions after the very first session ... so as the Mastercard ad says - cost of coaching .... Priceless! 

If you don't have the budget for one-to-one executive business coaching with me, then do make use of the Make A Dent Club. It will certainly help you along.

However, if you really are serious about successfully living your life ...

Being the best leader you can ...

Bringing out the best in your people  ...

Being the best possible version of you ...

then the very best option is to work with me one-to-one. That way you get the personalized, individual assistance you need for your specific circumstances. 

Use the calendar to set up a time for us to speak on Skype, (obligation free) and work out whether we'll be able to create magic together and transform your life.

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