Successful Feedback

Life-changing skills to navigate your way through difficult conversations and situations

Shift Your Relationships.

From Conflicted and Frustrating

To Inspiring and Remarkable!

You'll start to see how you are sometimes right, sometimes wrong and sometimes in-between when conflict happens. And, what to do about it when it is getting in the way of you having great relationships with the important people in your life.

You'll have the skills to easily deal with people who are unmotivated or don't have the skills to do what you want and/or need from them.

You'll know how to handle high emotions, lies, broken promises and the 'I forgot' issue.

Be the Rockstar of Your Organization

Here's just a little of what’s inside the e-book ..


Your life as you successfully handle challenging conversations


The conversation busters that turn what should have been an easy discussion into dynamite


The truth behind why some people just are against you, before you even begin!

About the Author

Shelley Holmes

I'm Shelley Holmes. For the past 20+ years I've been a leader in, and a high-performance coach for companies around the globe, who combined have revenues over $116 billion. In 2003 I was designated as one of the 50 greatest mentors in the world.

Here at Make a Dent Leadership, we've inspired thousands of leaders to promotions, higher incomes, better relationships, and more fulfilling lives. 

By the end of the program you will have

  • A Change in Mindset about the reasons behind why people get you frustrated and tools to calmly enter any challenging conversation
  • The Tools To enable you to be an inspiring remarkable leader ... no matter the situation that jumps out at you
  • A Plan to successfully engage with the most challenging person in your world!

Successful Feedback

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