One-on-One Meetings

"I know I should have regular catch-ups with my team members ... I just don't have the time!"

Sound familiar?

Are you one-on-ones inspiring and enlightening?

I bet somewhere in your position description, it says something like ... "hire, train, engage and develop high-performance people".

And, regular one-on-one catch-ups are the tool to better understand your people's desires and build stronger relationships.

What's your score-card like when it comes to regular one-on-one meetings with your team members?

And, if you're like most leaders that's something you'd love to do .... but time is your enemy!

It's the one meeting that high-performing leaders don't miss!

Here's just a little of what’s inside the e-book ..

Managing Expectations

How to gracefully handle the "I want a promotion/pay rise" conversation

Avoid the Pygmalion Effect

How to raise your beliefs about someone's potential

Keep Your People Inspired

Access the questions to ask them to find out what is working, not working with your leadership

About the Author

Shelley Holmes

I'm Shelley Holmes. For the past 20+ years I've been a leader in, and a high-performance coach for companies around the globe, who combined have revenues over $116 billion. In 2003 I was designated as one of the 50 greatest mentors in the world.

Here at Make a Dent Leadership, we've inspired thousands of leaders to promotions, higher incomes, better relationships, and more fulfilling lives. 

Your success as a leader hinges on people believing
you care about them and their success

According to our friends from Gallup, engagement is at its lowest when people feel ignored. And here's the kicker: Managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement.

When it comes to engaging your people and meeting their needs, great leaders (that means you!) can be the key to unlocking high performance.

But how the heck are you supposed to carve out the time to have weekly, fortnightly, or monthly hour long-catch ups with your people when you've got an inbox with hundreds of emails, a to-do list that never-ends, constant fires that need putting out, and your manager just keeps wanting more.

It's tough ... and I expect you know that or you wouldn't still be reading this.

And, if you're like I was, you may even be wondering, what the heck are we meant to talk about during this conversations. Surely, the same old topics are going to get old fairly quickly.

That's where this execution plan comes in. In this execution plan you'll get:

 - Over 40 questions you can use to keep the conversations engaging, and a worthwhile use of your time

 - How to keep the tone of the meetings casual, yet professional

 - Insights into how the leadership pygmalion effect could be limiting your own and your people's success and what to do about it

 - How to avoid making the meetings boring

 - How to make sure that by the end of the meeting there is a clear action plan

 - Ideas on how to make it safe for your people to explore career options outside your team

 - A script to use when introducing one-on-ones to your team members (which will help manage the pay rise and promotion expectations that often come from these meetings)

One-on-One Meetings

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