Holding Effective, Impactful Meetings

"I wish our meetings were more upbeat and really made a positive impact"

Sound familiar?

Grumble, Grumble, Grumble ... Meetings Are A Pain!

Meetings can be a drain on your time. Stopping you from getting on and doing 'real' work.

Whether you're attending the meeting, preparing for the meeting or following-up from the meeting ... there's no denying that meetings certainly have a huge impact on organizational life.

Being able to successfully run and participate in meetings is a critical skill for your ongoing success.

And, if you're like most leaders that's something you'd love to do .... but time is your enemy!

Think About This

If you have team members who are regularly attending boring meetings ... run by boring people ... about boring subjects ... they can't help but think to themselves they must be in a boring company

Bored people are unlikely to deliver exceptional performance

Poorly run meeting send a message to people that we are a business that isn't at the leading edge.

Here's just a little of what’s inside the e-book ..

Supercharge with Successful Starts

The start of the meeting sets the tone! You'll have the tools to consistently get your meetings off with a high-powered bang!

Avoid Counter-Productive Behavior

Ideas on how to stop power-struggles, personal agendas and personality conflicts from ruining your meeting

Discover the Difference Decisions Make

People become jittery when they don't know what, when and how they are meant to make decision. Avoid this trap!

About the Author

Shelley Holmes

I'm Shelley Holmes. For the past 20+ years I've been a leader in, and a high-performance coach for companies around the globe, who combined have revenues over $116 billion. In 2003 I was designated as one of the 50 greatest mentors in the world.

Here at Make a Dent Leadership, we've inspired thousands of leaders to promotions, higher incomes, better relationships, and more fulfilling lives. 

In this program, I'm going to share with you the core strategies and mindsets that I share with all the remarkable leaders that I work with.

What I want to emphasize with you is that this is not just theory. These are tips, strategies and ideas that have been proven, over and over, by myself and the thousands of leaders with whom I've worked. 

Certainly, these concepts are based on research but they are also tried and tested. So, you get the best of both worlds, well-researched theory, shown beyond a shadow of a doubt to work. 

We are going to cover a lot of ground, so get ready to transform your world, so you become like a 'rockstar' in your industry.

Holding Effective, Impactful Meetings

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