Influencing With Style

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What are bad relationships with your work colleagues costing you?

Conflicted relationships cost you ...

time and lost opportunities

You can avoid this...

What you’ll discover in this training:

To be successful you must  get on with others

But sometimes you and others just rub each other the wrong way.

That's because there are four fundamental ways that people think and behave

When you unlock the key to the 4 fundamental ways of thinking and being,

you unlock the keys to being able to get along

with just about anyone!

The DISC profile is the easiest and most effective tool for helping people to understand what makes them and others tick.

Take 10 minutes to complete your online questionnaire and you'll open up a treasure chest of tips and tools to help you better interact with people, all day, every day.

Your success, as a leader, hinges on people liking you and 

wanting to support you in where you are heading

When you've completed your online profile you'll receive a 17+ page report (view a sample DISC report here) that describes your strengths, your struggles, what motivates you and how you prefer to be communicated with. 

Imagine being able to sit, with your report in your hand, and have a civil conversation with someone whom you've always found a bit prickly, and together you work out how to better interact so that you aren't always bumping heads.

And that's not the half of it! You'll also find out

  • how to identify other people's preferred style of being communicated to
  • what makes them tense
  • how to make some small shifts in how you speak with and give them information so that they'll be more open to your messages

Studies have shown that more than 70% of all conflicts, disagreements and communication mishaps are a result of people communicating in different styles and not knowing it!

When you communicate with others using their preferred style, they'll make sense of what you're saying - the first time - and you'll enhance your ability to work with them, motivate them and get the best from yourself and them. Pretty powerful stuff! 

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While you are waiting for your access code and instructions, we highly recommend that you begin the "My Career My Choice" training straight away, this is one of the most important programs on our site. It is an excellent companion to the DISC profile.

 Access the Influencing With Style Training - and get your personalised DISC profile

$198.00 one payment

  • Get your 17+ page personal DISC profile (once you've completed your online assessment)
  • Download the Influencing with Style ebook - this ebook reveals to you in full detail all four DISC profiles and how you can work well with just about anyone
  • Download the Success Discovery Workbook - this workbook provides you with a series of exercises to enable you to make the most of the information from your report
  • Access the My Career, My Choice training - this training helps you to discover how to live with vitality and purpose, in a career you love, as you become the type of individual others aspire to role-model

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