Understanding and Influencing Difficult People

Imagine a world where you have calm and productive relationships with the most difficult people in your team

Ignite your influencing skills!

To Succeed in business (well actually life in general) you need to be able to
Interact Effectively With A Myriad of Different Personalities.

We've all got them ... people who just make life difficult!

Improving your ability to influence difficult people makes your life easier and improves your career prospects.

You want to become a wizard at winning over people who seem bent on making things awkward for all around them ...

Who hasn't had a situation where you've gone to have (what you thought should be a fairly easy discussion about something) and the next thing bam! The person you are talking to is jumping all over you and letting you know that you should crawl right back under the rock you just dragged yourself out from?

I know I have! And it certainly isn't nice..

Have you ever wondered ... What sets people off like this?
And Even More Importantly how to get yourself out of that gruesome situation

When people respond in unexpected ways you need to be able to get out of that tricky situation and then go on and achieve what it was you set out to do.

When you get good at reading people and understand why they are reacting the way they are you'll set yourself on the path to having successful conclusions to most of your interactions.

Here's just a little of what’s inside the e-book ..


What your day will be like when you are getting on with the trickiest personalities and getting 'stuff' done fast!


The career bumps that come when you are known as someone who finds it difficult to inspire others


The eternal puzzle of .... "What on earth! What planet is she on? Why would she react that way?"

Hook the response YOU want

Most people have distinctive personality traits - which is their way of delaing with the world (both inwardly and outwardly).

Some people are laid back with a happy-go-lucky/devil-may-cae attitude toward life.

Others prefer their lives to be more structured, precise, tight and controlled. They would as much do something on a whim, as they'd fly to the moon.

Others may approach life with an aggressive, stern nature. 

And you guessed it - you get to work with all these types and every one in between. And, you are one of these types. Which means sometimes you are going to set people's teeth on edge ... simply by being you!

The reality is you need to deal with all differing personality types (just as others need to deal with your personality shortcomings!

Understanding what causes people to behave the way they do ... and having strategies to better influence these people will definitely make your life easier and more successful.

And maybe even more importantly you need to know how to stop yourself from responding inappropriately to situations and events in your life.

You need to be able to disentangle others, who are hooked up in inappropriate emotions, so that you can better handle awkward meetings and conversations. So that you can achieve better results!

About the Author

Shelley Holmes

I'm Shelley Holmes. For the past 20+ years I've been a leader in, and a high-performance coach for companies around the globe, who combined have revenues over $116 billion. In 2003 I was designated as one of the 50 greatest mentors in the world.

Here at Make a Dent Leadership, we've inspired thousands of leaders to promotions, higher incomes, better relationships, and more fulfilling lives. 

Here's what you'll get in the program:

 - Why some people are obnoxious control freaks who are bent on making you shape up to their ideal of perfection ... or ship out!.

 - Why some people are like rebellious teenagers who are always pushing the boundaries (Unfortunately, in negative ways)

 - What causes some people to be 'YES MEN' who have little impact and limited influence

 - What might trigger you to behave in ways that aren't good for your success

 - Why the #1 way you think, feel and act ... is only useful some of the time and definitely should'nt be used all the time .. if you want great results through others

 - How to modify your #1 style so that others find it easy to get along with you ... which puts both of you in the mindset to help each other be successful

 - The triggers that cause people to become passive and weak or pushy and demanding

 - What to do when someone is being rude and critical and how to get them to be more rational

 - When a conversation gets out of hand (and you find yourself acting poorly) how to get back to a more powerful place

Understanding and Influencing Difficult People

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