Shelley Holmes

Inspired to be Inspiring Coach

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We live on the beautiful Gold Coast Australia. Weather-wise it's a cross between California and Florida. Which means lots of sunshine and plenty of days of the year where we can be in the great outdoors playing. Just an hour south of Brisbane, this lovely little city really is a great place to work and live.

I (primarily) work from home - coaching (over the phone and Skype) remarkable leaders from around the world, writing articles and creating new products for this site, that help people (leaders in particular) to make their dent in the universe.

It's 20 steps from my bedroom to my office, which, I've learnt can be a blessing and a nightmare!

My gorgeous daughter Connor and I both work in this business. She is an amazing young woman who lights up my life.

Have you heard the saying "our children are our greatest teachers". Well this is so true for Connor and I.

She teaches me so much, in so many ways, what a blessing she is, what a challenge she is! smile

My horse Quickdraw - weird name I know, but he came with it and I didn't have the heart to change it. He's an Australian Stock Horse (who is apparently no good at Polocrosse, but I'm doing my best to turn him into a dressage horse!).

We live on 2 acres with Scruffy (for the first time we've got a small dog and now I 'get' how people get so ga ga over their little dogs, he's absolutely stolen our hearts).

A friend of mine recently commented that you must have the most intelligent dog, with the amount of time he sits looking at a computer screen. Yep, you guessed it, he spends a lot of time snuggled up next to me (especially in winter)..

And, we can't forget Meelos - a BIG personality and a terrifically fun cat! Because he was raised with Scruffy, we think he thinks he's a dog ... except when he's bringing home brown snakes (one of the most deadliest in the world), to show us how clever he is :(

Using all I've learnt, from the personal growth adventure I've been on over the years, I've designed a fabulous life, which I deeply appreciate.

Generally, I work less than 20 hours each week. And the wonderful thing is that it can be at any hour that suits me. If I'm awake at 2.00 am then I can work. If I want to ride my horse at 2.00 pm then that's fine too. In fact it's 1.00 pm and I've just arrived back from morning tea and the movies with a girlfriend.

A couple of days a month I'm out and about running workshops or speaking. I then get to be with many amazing people who stimulate and challenge me to use more of my potential.

My hobbies are reading, horse-riding, traveling to experience new things and meet new people, spending time with friends, sailing, going to the gym and yoga. I am into spirituality - no particular religion - but each day focus on living an as aligned life as I can.

Thinking about what I've written on the page, I am so very lucky. I'm in a most wonderful place: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Is life perfect? Of course not, there's plenty of challenges (as Tony Robbins says - if you don't have challenges you are dead!) ... but is it delightful? ABSOLUTELY!

If you are thinking that I sound like someone you'd like to have on your support team, you can discover more about being coached by me, or discover what I describe as my ideal client here.

When asked how I am, I always respond with a heart-felt

'Terrific! And getting better'

Looking forward to connecting with you and watching you the the inspired and inspiring leader, who is making the dent in the universe you desire.



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