Keeping employees motivated isn't easy. 

If it were everyone would be doing it

We inspire you to be the type of leader who delivers

"Rockstar" performance and results through motivated people

Get set to dramatically improve your top and bottom lines

Radically boost team member engagement

Become the 'rockstars' of your industry

So, imagine this ...

You and your team are:

  • Delivering exceptional business results
  • Coming to work with a spring in your step
  • Feeling your careers are flourishing
  • Going home each day feeling sane and happy
  • Having a powerful, positive impact on your community and planet

When you lead using the 4Bs of High-Performance

(Believing, Belonging, Behaving and Bottom-line)

you'll reshape your results in rapid time

4Bs of high-performance leadership

Throughout the site you have the opportunity to dig deeper into the 4Bs of high-performance framework.

Get tips and tactics to immediately shift you and your people from doing good work ... to doing remarkable work. 

When you use the 4Bs of high-performance framework, you'll engage and inspire yourself and your team members. 

  • You'll shift people from 'just turning up' employees - to 'switched on,' engaged, and committed performers
  • You'll get more discretionary effort 
  • You'll boost morale and job satisfaction 
  • You'll inspire people to work at a higher level because they know their work matters
  • You'll create a more positive, energetic and rewarding work environment
  • You'll see increased profits for the business, along with income and promotions for you and your team

That is transformational to both individuals and, organizations

be a rockstar leader - shift your people to thinking like business partners

High performance leadership isn't easy

No matter the type of mountain you are trying to climb,

>> getting your people to perform better 

>> improve your career/business 

>> strengthen business results

there are only three ways you can go:

>> Up

>> Down or

>> Paralysed

Over the years the challenge I've discovered, is that a lot of people are stuck bouncing between the yellow and red line because they don’t have the tools to jump to the green line. So the question is, how do you jump to the green line and more importantly how do you ride that green curve. 

Are you ready to become a "Rockstar" leader, who is able to get and keep people motivated?

The key to moving along the green line, rather than being stuck in the orange or drowning in the red is being a master at the 4Bs of high-performance.

If you can master the 4Bs of high-performance leadership you'll get the business and life results you want with confidence and ease.

So if you're ready to ride the green line and accelerate your results, then here's what to do ...

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Shelley Holmes

Leadership can be lonely ... so said one of my clients. Sometimes you just need a space to turn to, to get the clarity of thinking and purpose that helps you to consistently be the inspiring leader you can be. And that's where I come in. I've guided and coached thousands of leaders to high-performance. 

My goal is to help you transform your life and the life of the people around you.

And here's the thing. During my career, I have been lucky enough to have lead and coached in many high-performance organizations. To have had the gift of sitting at the feet of some of the giants, of high-performance thinking and positive psychology, who have graced our planet. To learn how to live, love and lead with passion and inspiration.

This means that the tips, ideas and information I share with you come from well-earned experience. It isn't just 'stuff' I've learned in books. I've led and lived high-performance for many years and you can gain from my experience.

And it also means, that all that I share with you is steeped in both time-honored and the latest research and thinking. My job is to get you the latest trends, and make sure I've tried and tested them before I share with you

What I believe

Everyone deserves to work with a leader who transforms.


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Here's what people are saying about working with Shelley

Keith Stanley

Managing Director

Marketing Express

Prepared for career moves

Shelley has worked with me over a number of years as a personal coach. I have also engaged her for some of my staff, and she has worked in my company to develop some of our HR functions.

Shelley made an incredible difference to my life, my effectiveness and my preparedness for career moves. Her approach is to ask the right questions and guide you to discover the truth about yourself. This method means that your thinking changes as you work through your challenges and blockages

Allisa O'Connell

General Manager

Flight Centre

Personal & professional growth, Increased profits

I know that by working with Shelley I have seen personal growth, professional improvement and the business has seen increased profits.

I have Shelley to thank for her openness and commitment to me. She has pushed when I needed and lead me to my own finding.

Jan Bijsterbosch

Senior Vice President

Emirates Flight Catering

Spread learnings throughout the Middle East

When I think back on the time we worked together, I always realize how much of an influence you had on my career.

I have spread the learnings from you throughout the Middle East now ;-). We have over 6000 employees, so your influence has been far-reaching.

You truly have shaped my leadership skills.

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Valerie Campbell-Hogg

CEO Silkwood School

Thanks so much for the workshop. It was exactly what our team needed to set the tone for this year. We are now all fully focused on delivering the results we want and building the systems we need to deliver leading-edge education

Cheryl Jowitt

CEO Rebel FM, The Breeze FM and Rebel Digital

We're in the business of creating great radio and we employ a lot of big personalities; people who enjoy their music, but not so much business. Shelley has coached me to guide and inspire my team to think like business-partners, so that we can continue to deliver amazing radio to our listeners.

Shelley also helped us to introduce additional revenue streams into our business, but more importantly, she helped us to develop the systems and mindsets for high-performance so that we could support that growth. 

Nadine Catanzaro

State Manufacturing Manager, Coca Cola Amatil

Working with Shelley I was able to identify genuine opportunities to further engage my team to improve performance and reach my personal goals as a leader.  Shelley challenged my thinking and enhanced my leadership style.  

I would highly recommend her as a high-performance leadership mentor and influencer, with valuable perspective and depth of experience