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Workplace Gossip

Workplace gossip is all too common and it can be devastating to entire companies and to your career as well.

Have you ever tried going seven days without talking about another person, period?

Try it, but don't be surprised if you can't get past the first hour without finding yourself talking about someone who isn't a part of the conversation!

Whether you have been the one gossiping or you've been gossiped about, it's important that you learn how to deal with gossip, and how problematic it can really be. It doesn't matter whether gossip is true or false, it still has no place at work.

The negative effects of gossip are strained relationships, mistrust, discontentment, even anger, and decreased productivity. For example, how much time have you wasted, in long conversations, complaining to others about the assistant who isn't as helpful as he could be, or your partner who isn't as loving as you'd like, or how you know that that other department has a hidden agenda, that conflicts with your team's goals!

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