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What Makes A Good Leader

What makes a good leader? Phew ... that's the million dollar question!

This page has two purposes. Firstly, to get you thinking about what makes a good leader. Secondly to provide you with a series of articles that explores the styles and characteristics of good leadership.

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Have you ever wondered, why it is, that we go the extra mile, and would walk over hot coals, for one guy, and yet, the guy in the next office can barely raise a yawn out of us?

What is it, that he or she, (the leader who inspires), says and does, that seems to enable him or her, to so easily influence others to change their mindset, or see something differently, or to get them to WANT to go out on a limb to get a result for their team?

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Use the comments box below and let us know what you think makes a good leader. Have you got any examples of the things, a leader you worked with, did or said that made you ready to 'walk over hot coals' for him or her?

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