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Inspired Successful Action ... This is The Meaning Of Success!

Dreams, wishes, and hopes, whilst all an important part of success in life they won't do anything for you - except to potentially cause you to become frustrated - unless you take successful action.

Many people have taken "The Secret" far to literally, and haven't realized that the process is to visualize and become aligned with your desires ... but the critical step is this ... once aligned and inspired then you must take inspired action. Moving from dreaming to doing is the key to your personal and business success.

The most successful people in life are committed to taking action on a regular, consistent basis.

Successful entrepreneurs make decisions quickly and act on them just as quickly. Less successful people often sit on the fence, trying to decide what to do, hoping that the 'perfect' answer will present itself. Then, because they are often unsure of themselves, don't make the commitment to follow through with the action, or change their mind at the drop of a hat.

When you have a situation or challenge there are five simple steps to follow:

  1. Align yourself with where you want to head
  2. Gather the data,
  3. Weigh the facts,
  4. Make your decision and
  5. Then take inspired action.

The two critical steps are aligning yourself and taking inspired action. If you just take action and it is from desperation rather than inspiration you may not be delighted with the results. In the ebook "Goal Setting to Align Your Potential" I show you how to move from desperation to inspired action so you that you can easily enjoy the success you are ready for.

Many years ago, I was faced with the choice of whether to remain in the corporate arena, taking a rather significant promotion, or to leave, and start my own business. I dithered for many months unable to make my mind up.

I was deeply unhappy, spending next to no time with my daughter, but afraid to step out on my own in case I didn't make it financially. The indecision was driving me crazy, and truthfully, driving the people around me. I was taking my frustration, at not wanting to be there, yet not having the courage to step out on my own, out on everyone in my team.

Finally, I took a deep breath, handed in my resignation and hung the shingle out the front door of my own business. Was it smooth sailing from there on in? I wish! However, what I did know was that the situation became immeasurably more bearable, once I'd acted than being in a state of indecision.

When You Take Inspired Action You Put Yourself on the 'Path of Possibility'.

The meaning of success is to open yourself up to new ideas, information, opportunities.

When gripped by fear you do nothing. Doing nothing produces the result of .... nothing!

The best way to get rid of fear is to act. What you feed grows! Sitting in indecision, doing nothing allows the fear to grow and then you are in trouble. Inspired, successful action cures fear. Get out and do something it.

Inspired action will always produce a result. Yes, sometimes the result may not always be exactly what you wanted. Then it is the golden opportunity to learn from the situation, dust yourself off and get back into the game.

Ultimately the degree of fulfillment you experience is a direct result of your actions (or inaction) throughout your life. Have you ever said to yourself, "I Shoulda/Coulda/Woulda", when you've seen someone else achieve success, with an idea you had, but you didn't act upon. Decide today, enough is enough. Give yourself the gift of living the life you desire!

Don't Let Your Fear Of Failure Stop You

The Success Masters know that failure is just one sign that a particular approach didn't work. That another approach, another more successful action is needed. It is having the internal fortitude to continue in the face of difficult times. A sure step to failure is to quit, at the first sign of opposition.

The ultimate failure is if you don't align yourself with your desire, and then take inspired, successful action. You end up spending your entire lifetime wondering, wanting, desiring, wishing, hoping - all in vain. Ultimately it is your choice. To take action and maybe have a few failures, but ultimately succeed. Or to procrastinate, put off and end your days feeling dissatisfied, wishing "if only".

Successful Action Process

Here is part of the process I share with you in "Goal Setting to Align Your Potential" to help ensure you take the successful action needed each day to fulfill your dreams, hopes and wishes.

  • In the morning:
  • Review your vision file
  • Review your goals
  • List the five actions to take today that will move your goals forward
  • Mid-day
  • Review your vision file
  • Review the actions you taken so far today
  • Plan the rest of the day to ensure that your actions are taken
  • Evening
  • Review the actions taken today
  • Decide if they were appropriate to achieving your goals (that you're not confusing activity with achievement)
  • Decide if you need to do anything differently tomorrow
  • Review your vision file

You now have this knowledge, but knowledge without inspired, successful action is useless. If you are feeling inspired, as you finish reading this page, then take an action that will move you closer to achieving your hopes and dreams. Don't permit anymore wonderful opportunities drift by you. Good luck.

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