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Make A Dent Leadership Training Store

Now that you have spent time with some of the free content here at MakeADentLeadership.com it looks like you are ready to take the next step. You want to go more in-depth in specific areas and take responsibility for your success. Congratulations!

You can purchase these products individually - however, do note that if you are a member of the Make A Dent Club you have access to all the premium resources. Members - Go here to get all the ebooks ready for you to download.

So the choice is yours - buy an individual product, for the prices listed below, or gain access to all the ebooks/e-courses/audios and premium articles, by joining the Make A Dent Club. All you need to decide is which package is right for you, Review the packages now ...

Managing Change In The Workplace

managing change

Managing Change is something all leaders must do. Give yourself a head-start with this ebook, by discovering how to manage people's emotions and expectations throughout the change process.

Templates, checklists and Action plans are included with this book.

Read more about Managing Change In The Workplace

Understanding and Influencing Difficult People

influencing difficult people

Do you have people in the workplace who just seem to act irrationally?

In Understanding and Influencing Difficult People you will find out why some people are just obnoxious, control freaks and why others are mild-mannered "Yes Men". Even better ... you will learn how to deal with these people and how to unhook them from those not so useful behaviors.

And, you'll also be able to discover what it is that you do that causes others to want to bang your head against the wall instead of wanting to help you succeed!

Read more about Understanding and Influencing Difficult People

Get It Done, Done Well, Done On Time (Ebook)

how to delegate ebook

Discovering how to delegate effectively is one of the key skills that sets High Performance Leaders apart.

In this ebook you will discover how to delegate so the job gets done, done well and done on time.

Read more about Get It Done, Done Well, Done On Time

How To Motivate Employees (By Creating An Inspiring Work Environment) (Ebook)

motivating employees

Get ready to get yourself and your people to work with a spring in your step!

This ebook helps you understand what motivates people without using carrots and sticks!

Use the quizzes and worksheets to work out what inspires you and your team and use the strategies to help create the environment where people can only but be inspired to want to give of their best.

Read more about How To Motivate Employees (By Creating An Inspiring Work Environment)

Goal Setting To Align Potential (Ebook)

goal setting exercises

Filled with easy to follow goal setting exercises and strategies which will help you achieve the success you are ready for.

Read more about Goal Setting To Align Potential here

Inner Source Leadership (Ebook)

personal development plan

Inner Source Leadership is both a workbook and a personal development plan that will help propel you to the career and leadership success you want.

Filled with activities designed to help you gain insight about where you are heading and how to make the journey easier

Read more about Inner Source Leadership

Communicating With Power (Self-Paced E-course)

conflict management strategies

Got an hour to improve your influence skills and get better results through others?

Communicating With Power is an interactive e-course, you can use in the privacy of your office or home.

Designed to help you discover the four major types of people that you will interact with on any given day.

Once you know how to identify these four major types of people you have unlocked the keys to getting on with just about anyone.

Read more about Communicating With Power

Personalized DISC Profile Report

Get your personalized 45+ page DISC profile report. You'll discover why your preferred style of communicating with others may not always work. And, most importantly how to flex your style so that you can get on with and get the most from just about anyone. NB: This product IS NOT included in the Make A Dent Club packages.

Read more about the benefits of completing your personalized DISC profile.

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