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Purposeful Living Exercise To Help You Live A Fulfilled Life

If you've come straight to the purposeful living exercise page without having read the article on personal mission development, may I suggest you do this first.

To make the most of the Purposeful Living Exercise, you possibly need to print it out and consider setting aside some time, contemplating, in depth, the answers to these questions. Maybe spend an afternoon in the park, at the beach, in the bush, alone at home listening to beautiful music. Reflecting, writing, discovering what it is that makes for a purposeful life for you.

For a more in-depth coverage you can download the Align Yourself Booklet.

Step 1 of your Purposeful Living Exercise

Live A Fulfilling Life

Imagine you were coming to the end of your lifetime, and you were sitting back and reflecting upon it. Write your answers to these questions as if you had lived your ideal life

  1. What I will be most remembered for is....

  2. What I most wanted out of life was ...

  3. The things that I did, that give me a sense of fulfillment were ...

  4. The qualities and characteristics that I showed up with, on a consistent basis, were ...

  5. When I was given a gift of ten million dollars (that had to be given away or designated for no more than three causes), the issue/(s) that moved me most to see that money support was ... (be careful with this one the temptation is to give it to support the environment, the whales etc - if that really is your passion well and good. If it isn't then think deeply about your response.

  6. When I was asked by Oprah, to create a t.v. special, about something that moved me - I created it about ...

  7. When I walked into a bookstore, library, or video store, the section I found myself most drawn to was

Once you've completed the answers to these questions, you may start to find some themes emerging, and you will begin to have a feel for what will lead you toward living a fulfilled and purposeful life.

For example, for me it is very strongly about personal growth, developing people's potential and helping them to connect to their higher power. Each of us has a particular area that regularly captures our attention and our imagination.

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Step 2 of your Purposeful Living Exercise

What's Your Talents/Passion/Strengths/Values?

  1. Specifically my unique skills, knowledge, talents and gifts are ....

  2. If I were to return to study tomorrow, purely for pleasure, I'd study ...

  3. The things that I do (or would like to do) that give me a sense of fulfillment are ....

  4. When I feel inspired and/or I am inspiring others, I am normally doing ...

  5. The activities I value most in my personal life are ...

  6. The activities I value most in my business life are ...

Read a review of the book Now Discover your Strengths here at the Align Lead Inspire Club. This book contains a wonderful exercise to help you define your strengths and when you purchase Now Discover Your Strengths you get an access code to their website to take a very comprehensive online survey to discover your innate talents.

Alternatively you can use the Signature Strengths survey which was developed by Chris Petersen and Marty Seligman (two leaders in the Positive Psychology community). Go to this website Authentic Happiness there are many free surveys on the site - the one in particular that you want is the VIA Signature Strengths - which appears approximately in the middle at the top of the page.

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Step 3 of your Purposeful Living Exercise

Well, this one is really is quite easy. Make the decision that throughout your day - you will take a few moments to stop pause and feel into your inner self ... your place of pure love ... your place of certainty that all is well with the world. Then and only then take action ... this is what is known as inspired action and when you act from this place all that you want must come to you and fulfill you. You can read more about taking inspired action and living in alignment

I certainly hope the Purposeful Living Exercise has been useful to you and set you on the journey of living a fulfilled life.

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