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Inner Source Leadership ... A Journey to Unleash Your Potential

Inner Source Leadership is both a workbook and a personal development plan, that will help propel you to the career and leadership success you want.

As you progress through the book, you will find many Awareness Activities, exercises and self-assessments for you to complete, that will assist you to round out a personal development plan that guides you to unleashing potential (both your own and others), so that you Make The Dent In The Universe you were destined to.

Understanding yourself, and others, more fully is the first step in helping your life to sizzle, and get you to work with a spring in your step.

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With this in mind, the foundation step in your journey to Making A Dent, is Awareness. Through the integration of what you discover in this book you have the opportunity to:

  • Become Aware of what it is that holds you back and how to make use of your greatest strengths,

  • Then assume Self-Responsibility for your success,

  • Align Yourself with your inner power,

  • Ultimately to Make A Dent of both yourself and the people who surround you.

Filled With Exercises To Guide You Through Your Journey Of Self-Discovery

You may want to return to the activities on a regular basis, for as you develop new skills and thought patterns your responses will be different. This is what unleashing potential is all about ... it's a forever journey.

Throughout Inner Source, you will find Mentor's Tips. These are your 'how tos'. They have been designed to support you in turning your knowledge, and personal development plan, into changed behavior.

Enjoy your journey through this book ... for as you discover more about yourself, your life will change and take on a new richness and vitality, that you will treasure.

(NB: If you have VIP access to Make A Dent Leadership.com -- go here to pick the book up for free)

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