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Performance Appraisal Form - Best Practices

If you just want to download a sample performance appraisal form you can do so here. However, before you do so, do take the time to glance through this article.

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An employee performance review is so much more than the sitting down and getting the paperwork done! The performance appraisal form is simply a guide to help you structure the discussion. and keep a record to refer back to at a later time.

The formal performance review discussion doesn't replace "day to day" feedback and discussions. Rather it is the formal step in an ongoing dialogue between a team member, and his or her team leader, which provides the opportunity to air any concerns and talk about career moves, explore learning opportunities and set goals for the year ahead.

Obviously, the best performance feedback discussions are conducted within an atmosphere of trust - which only comes about if you have paved the way, throughout the rest of the year, as a leader who behaves in such a way that you inspire and deserve trust.

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