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Morale in the Workplace

How's the morale in your workplace? High, medium or low?

Productivity and profitability are king in most businesses. And, the highest levels of profitability and productivity come when there is high morale in the workplace.

Employee satisfaction surveys are a good way of discovering the degree of morale in your business, however, if you don't have time (or the resources) to conduct employee morale surveys then this snapshot of the three levels of morale may be of use to you.

For some additional employee engagement and employee retention ideas you may find the article on employee motivation techniques useful.

Identifying Low Morale in the Workplace

If you feel that your team is stuck in this category, than a good deal of attention and care should be taken. Low morale is a concern because it means that your workforce is not just unhappy, but also the potential for them to work at their best is severely limited. Some indications of low morale are:

Low productivity - If you are noticing that otherwise competent staff are having trouble getting work done in a timely manner, you likely have a morale problem. It may be that your team does not feel appreciated, or they may think that their efforts aren't being fairly compensated. Increasing pay rates isn't the answer. If you want more ideas on motivating employees, by not increasing pay rates, then download the ebook "Creating An Inspiring Work Environment".

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