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Discover How To Delegate and ... "Get It Done, Done Well, Done On Time"

"Forget it! I'm not about to pass responsibility for this project to someone else when I know it just won't be done properly." So said Jim one of my clients not so long ago. And I bet you've thought something similar yourself at some point ... because we've all experienced the pain of someone letting us down.

Let's face it. The reason your career has been so successful is because you get results! You know that even when all heck breaks loose and things turn to custard ... you can rely on YOU to still get the job done. And that can be a real problem! Keep reading to discover why.

As your career has blossomed, you have more and more people reporting to you - and taken to it's extreme ... the faith you have in yourself to deliver results ... can be your undoing. It's a tough call though ... giving up control of those tasks, responsibilities and decisions which were part of your success in the first place.

The downfall of many leaders - be they entrepreneur, chairman of the board or front-line team leader - has been the inability to get results through others. Yet as your career grows, learning how to delegate and effectively delegating tasks to others who are able to do them as well as, if not better than you can, is vital.

I bet, like me, and many others, as you have climbed the career ladder you are becoming more and more overwhelmed by 'stuff' landing on your plate. 'Stuff' that often has little to do with what you are gifted at and love to do. You are being consumed and eaten up by ever increasing demands on your time from 'stuff' that is draining and drowning you.

So listen up! If you're feeling tired, frazzled, fed-up and your team's productivity just isn't where it should be, then maybe it's time to upgrade your delegation skills and learn how to delegate well!

  • How to never end up with a 'whoops' after the delegation

  • Get a reputation as a leader who grows talent

  • Tips for brisk, precise, productive delegation meetings

  • How to delegate authority ... without fear

  • Worksheets, checklists, self-assessments

  • The one critical question that stops work overload

  • Tap into the people who are engaged and energized by the tasks that drain you

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Are You On A Mission To Be A High Performance Leader?

Access All Areas Small

It's Time To Reclaim Your Enjoyment Of Your Day-To-Day.

In the "Get It Done ... Done Well ... Done On Time Guide" you'll discover how to delegate well so that youspend more time doing the things you are terrific at and that you love to do and how to still get everything else on your plate done - and done well. I'll show you how to identify and how to delegate to the talented people in your team who are energized and engaged ... by the things that drain you.

Delegation Isn't A Survival Exercise ... It Is The Road Map To Your Success.

Use the easy techniques in this brief yet all-inclusive, guide and you'll witness your team being filled with creativity, energy and passion because the right people are working on the right 'stuff'.

Get It Done ... Done Well ... Done On Time Guide is simple process I've been using myself, and sharing with other leaders just like you, for many years. You can use it now to effortlessly free up your time, be more productive, boost your career and enjoy your life more ... because you will be able to get other people to work effectively for everyone's benefit.

Delegation doesn't mean doing it for someone else because you are tired of waiting!

I already know how to delegate you might be saying to yourself. But let me ask you this ... Is your delegation style along the lines of: "Hey Mary, can you take over this for me, I haven't the time to do it".

If it is, I bet you find you don't always get the results you want from the other person. In the "Get It Done, Done Well, Done On Time Guide" you will discover how to delegate in five quick and easy steps that guarantee the task gets done ... gets done well ... and gets done on time

17 Benefits You'll Gain As You Discover How To Delegate In Get It Done ... Done Well ... Done On Time!

  • Give directions that get results

  • Watch your team's productivity hit new heights

  • Engage team members so they are keen to get to work

  • Have brisk, productive, precise delegation meetings

  • Tap into what motivates your team

  • More highly skilled, flexible people working in your team

  • Minimize conflicting priorities so you never end up with a 'whoops'

  • Gain co-operation from cynics

  • More commitment from your team members because they are involved

  • Build a cohesive, engaged team who are working to achieve the same goals

  • You'll end up directing your energies only to those things that truly matter

  • Strategies you can use to get those tasks and projects done, done well and done to time, without breaking out in a sweat!

  • Greater control over your time and your life

  • Lighten your workload

  • Charts, checklists, exercises, and questionnaires

  • A reputation for being a skilled leader who leads, guides and inspires their team to peak performance.

  • Create a bench-strength for your organization

Discover How to Delegate Well ... So You Don't Become A Robber!

When you cling to the notion that things only get done, get done well when you do them, you rob those who report to you of the priceless opportunity to grow and learn to develop new capabilities. I know I was guilty of this early in my career and paid the price.

It held my career progression back for quite a while - until I found the system of delegation that taught me how to delegate tasks in such a way that it lightened my workload and gave me more time to focus on what's really important-on and off the job. Now this process is only a click away from you! And one thing I can guarantee I have fine tuned that process since I first learned it.

Your career success depends upon how well you develop the talent in your team.

Delegation is much more than just handing out tasks. It's making sure that you are giving people assignments that challenge, invigorate, provide variety and engage their strengths. When this happens there'll be a buzz in your team ... a buzz of energy and excitement ... and others will want to be a part of it - and you can guarantee you'll attract the best and brightest of talent to your team.

People love to be trusted - and a key in your success is having the belief that you can trust people when you delegate to them. Well now you will ... because you will feel confident that you know how to delegate effectively!

Do You Have A Reputation As A High-Flyer, High-Potential Leader?

When you have attracted the best and brightest talent to your team, what will you and your team achieve? Your reputation with your management team will shine as they see you perform and see the bench-strength you are creating for the organization as a whole.

With the Get It Done, Done Well, Done On Time Guide in your hands you'll grow your reputation, your career prospects and you'll feel energized by your own success and the success of the people in your team.

It's Time To Stop The Fire-fighting

Are you running at a thousand miles an hour, with way too much on your plate and your boss keeps piling on more AND you feel like your people too are overwhelmed, and you couldn't in all good conscience give them more to do ... well rest easy. In the "Get It Done, Done Well, Done On Time Guide you will find one small, yet oh so powerful question that is sure to help you and your team to find the time to balance all these priorities.

We've all experienced the frustration of asking someone to do something for us because we are in a rush but they keep coming and asking so many questions, that your hands are thrown in the air and you end up doing it yourself! In the "Get It Done ... Done Well ... Done On Time Guide" the spotlight is turned on how to have brisk, productive, precise delegation meetings, that make sure that what you are assigning Gets Done and Gets Done Well - actually even better than that Gets Done, Done Well and On-time!

Still Not Sure You Need The Get It Done, Done Well, Done On Time Guide?

Take this quick quiz to assess whether you need to get "Get It Done, Done Well, Done on Time"

If you've lost some of that intense desire you had to make a difference, to impact on the business and the people, to make what you care about even better ... when your focus has deteriorated to just getting through the day, meeting the bottom line ... when you've become cynical and feel like the needs of the business are leading you, rather than you leading the business then maybe it's time to up your delegation skills. Invest in the the "Get It Done ... Done Well ... Done On Time Guide" now.

Get Ready To Take Action - As You Learn How To Delegate Well

Get out your To-Do List because as you move through your workbook you will begin to identify:

  • The tasks you should and shouldn't delegate

  • Who is the best person to successfully complete the task (and why they will be delighted you asked)

  • The three important items you must have prepared before the delegation meeting

  • The best frequency for milestones meetings and what to talk about when you have them

  • What to do when things go wrong and how to put steps in place so it doesn't happen again

  • The five critical elements to use in outlining the level of authority and decision-making

  • The essential question to use when you want to minimize conflicting priorities ... often the cause for things not getting done

  • The talent in your team that is being under-utilized and how to grow their potential for greater success

Apply your new skills and you will re-engage, re-energize, re-invigorate yourself and your team. Give yourself the competitive edge - make your team buzz - let's make sure you are on track to where you want to be.

I look forward to hearing from you when you have successfully used the information in the "Get It Done ... Done Well ... Done On Time Guide"


Ps: Make no mistake. This is a must-read for you ... a leader who wants to fast-track your High Performance Leadership career. The powerful skills you'll discover as you learn how to delegate so that you "Get It Done, Done Well and Done on Time, will serve you throughout the rest of your career - and earn you the reputation of being an inspiring, effective leader who gets things done well and easily.