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From Grrrr to Great!

The Secret To Shifting People To A Powerful Performance Mindset

There are 5 behaviors that cause people to become a train wreck, and a burden in your workplace ... and I'm betting you don't know them all ...

You are invited to attend a 90 minute Webinar (or order the digital download) to learn how you personally can avoid the traps and stinking-thinking that results in fractured relationships and causes the roller-coaster ride to poor performance. And, not only will you learn how to avoid it for yourself, you'll also learn how to help others avoid it too.

If you want to enhance your own life and learn how to improve the performance of others then you must be on this webinar.

For instance, one group I worked with reported:

  • the highest profits for the organization,
  • the highest leadership ratings in their entire business and
  • having the most enriching year in terms of relationships with their family and their work colleagues

and they put their success down to coming to understand themselves and others better. They valued this at conservatively being worth to them $350,000.

That would pay for a lot of Webinars or mp3s! And, more importantly don't you want your life to be less stressful and more fulfilled?

If you could master just one technique that shifts the thinking of yourself, and others, so that you re-shape and transform your life what difference would it make to your work, your income, your family over the next year? The next 10 years?

If you ask most Leaders the type of workplace they'd like to create they would say “One that is energizing and inspiring." But, when asked what they are doing specifically to do this, the answer goes something like, "Well I try my best to understand my people and support them."

This can actually work, but for most it simply isn't enough. Instead you end up with a workplace filled with de-motivated, uninspired people who are often in conflict. You have a feeling that there's more you could do to get your team to be more motivated and, if you only knew what it was, you would eagerly give it a try.

If this is true for you, please keep reading.

What if you could discover the 5 behaviors we all have in common that can cause people to de-rail? Not only is it possible, it's absolutely crazy if you don't learn how to do this.


Because when you know about these behaviors you are able to stop yourself from being less than your best and just as importantly guide others to stop under-performing. 

You might even say that good leadership is the art of knowing how to turn on the mindset that consciously releases potential. The fact is, that this knowledge is consistently used by the most successful leaders, and if you don't learn how to tap into it you are robbing yourself and your people of sailing close to your potential.

The good news is that you can tap in to this mindset quickly, it is not particularly difficult and doesn't take a huge amount of time, money or effort. It simply takes a willingness to apply a new way of thinking.

Would you like to learn how to lead and inspire yourself and people to their potential?

In this Webinar I share with you the knowledge that rapidly transforms people's thinking. If you are ready to transform yourself and your workplace then join us in this 90 minute Webinar (or grab the digital download) for the techniques and tips that will turn your world around.

In this program you'll discover:

  • How to stop people from blaming and pointing fingers - This should have been taught to you in school, but unfortunately it wasn't. Learn how to turn people from victim to power-filled.

  • Why your inner critic controls your life - Learn how to eradicate the negative thinking that goes on in the mind that causes people to under-perform

  • Replace fear with courage, certainty and conviction – Learning this information ensures you have the tools to think like the most successful people

  • What's going on in people's minds - If you don't understand a person's mindset, you'll keep striking out

  • What stops you from leaving a job or relationship that is absolutely no good for you - Learn why people stay way past their use-by-date in jobs and in relationships and how you can help them shift their situation from frustration to inspiration.

  • How to stop yourself or others from sabotaging success - There are probably times when everything seems to be going really well and then you or someone around you does something dumb that causes it all to unravel – we'll show you how to avoid this happening

At the end of our time together you will have lots of practical ideas and strategies that will help you transform your world.

Sign Up For the "From Grrr to Great" webinar Today!

Option 1: Participate live with us on the webinar for only $35, or

Option 2: Participate live with us on the webinar, plus get the digital download (in case you can't make the live event), plus receive a written transcription and, as an added bonus when you sign up to participate live you receive 7 days access to the Make A Dent Club - Valued at $19.99  for only $45

Remember my promise to you:

You must sincerely feel that this program has a significant impact and enriches your life or I will happily refund 100% of your fee.

If you think this program is what you're looking for, I invite you to sign up right now.

Yes Shelley, Sign Me Up to "From Grrr to Great"

Option One
Webinar Only

Option Two
Webinar + Audio +
Transcript + Bonus

Webinar Date and Time:

  • Australia: Thursday, 7 November at 8.am (Qld), 9 am (NSW)
  • United States: Wednesday, 6 November at 5.00pm ESTD, 2pm PST, 4pm CST
  • United Kingdom: Wednesday, 6 November at 10 pm

Not Sure What A Webinar Is?

A publicly run webinar is the ideal answer for the very busy Leader who wants on-going growth in a group setting, yet can't get away from the office for days at a time, or is working in a mid-sized organization and doesn't have access to high performance leadership development training that he or she needs NOW. A group webinar IS one of the most time, and cost effective, methods for continuous leadership development.

No traveling, or parking hassles and with the convenient choice of day or evening sessions. All you need is either a phone or connection to the web. Since you can call in from anywhere in the world, this highly flexible way of learning is perfect for either intact teams who are on the go, or teams who are geographically dispersed, or people from varying organizations.

A webinar is similar to a normal face-to-face workshop -- some lecture, some questions, some discussion. It gives you the opportunity to learn and grow from other high performance people in different geographic locations and countries, thus broadening your outlook and network.

Sometimes, you may simply attend a one-off stand alone session, normally of 2 hours duration, at other times you may attend a webinar series. A series generally can have from 3 up to 24 sessions in it, run either weekly or fortnightly.

A series gives you an added advantage. Because of its on-going nature, you have the opportunity to build a close relationship with your peers, and you find that you challenge each other to apply what you have learnt, brainstorm new ways of handling issues and set-up accountability structures that enables you to remain focused and on track – and phew all of this over the internet and/or phone!

What You Can Expect
  • Each webinar runs from between 90 minutes to 2 hours
  • Pre-Webinar warm-up materials
  • Opportunity during the webinar to ask questions and maybe receive hot-seat coaching from Shelley
  • Post-Webinar materials and resources
  • Checksheets and aids to use to reinforce your learning on-the-job
  • Recording of the webinar in case you couldn't attend the live session

Your investment in webinars enables you to gain invaluable support, insight and wisdom not only from other High Performance Leaders, but your lead facilitator on the call, (me!), Shelley Holmes, is an experienced High Performance Leader and High Performance Coach.

Please note that, if you choose to use a landline to call in to the webinar, you are responsible for the telephone charges made by your telephone carrier to call in to the bridge line.

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