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Employee Motivation Survey
and Workplace Climate Quizzes

A single employee motivation survey is not going to help you create a workplace climate that leads to high performance. However, the survey on this page and the other employee engagement surveys, quizzes and assessments on this site, were created to help you assess how well you team is going and maybe make choices about where to give your focus so that you can lead your team to its potential.

If you would like to use this survey within your organization, please contact me for the cost of licensing and setting up your personal business account.

Please note it make take 10-15 seconds for this survey to load, depending upon your browser speed.

Disclaimer: This survey has not been tested for reliability or validity. Please use for entertainment purposes only.

Some Thoughts About The Usefulness Of An Employee Motivation Survey

Did you come looking for an employee motivation survey because you have the sense that something is wrong within your team? Certainly surveys can be useful tools to help you dig down and discover what the issues are. However, they should never replace good old fashioned one-to-one discussions between an individual and his or her team leader.

In the book "How To Motivate Employees" you will discover the elements, that help create the conditions to inspire people to want to give of their best. But one of the main pieces of advice I share within the book is that YOU, the leader, must sit down with each person in your team to discover exactly what it is he or she needs, that will get them coming to work with a spring in their step.

Mostly, employee motivation surveys simply highlight which elements are missing from the organizational systems and structures ... and this is VERY useful to know, because you need to get most of them in place, BUT at some point you need to drill down to the individual person level. For me, there is a big "I" in the word Team. Teams are made of individuals, and it is in helping each individual to get his or her needs met that you will help the collective team to be inspired, and motivated, and delivering high performance. Read more about why I believe there is a BIG I in the word Team.

So, certainly the surveys on this site (and others you may discover) can be useful ... they will never replace caring, and loving your people enough, to sit down regularly with them, and talk about how to get their needs met. And, if about now you are thinking, "I pay them don't I, that should be enough" ... you are destined to hold your organization in levels of low performance!

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