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DISC: Unleash the Power of Your Communication Style

If you would like to purchase your personalized DISC profile please click on the button below.

I have also given you the option to upgrade your report to either:

DISC profile only - $185 - see sample report

DISC and Workplace Motivators Report - $295 - see sample here

or DISC and Emotional Intelligence Report - $295 see sample here

or DISC, Workplace Motivators and Emotional Intelligence Report - $495 see sample here

Please note, that because I purchase this product from a supplier, unlike my other products there is no money back guarantee. Once you purchase there is no refund. So do make sure that you read the sample reports above, and you are very clear on the type of report that you will receive.

Having said that, once you make the purchase and you complete your online profile I am sure that you will be delighted with the information you get back in your personalized report.

Once payment has been received by me, I will come back to you with a link and instructions on how to complete your profile so you get the best possible results. Please note that the turnaround between your payment and receiving your email with instructions can be up to 24 hours during the working week, and will not be attended to on weekends. Also note, that myself and my supplier are located in Australia, so we may not be available when you initially submit your payment. More often than not though, your request is handled within 3-6 hours.

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