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Use Communicating With Power To Discover Conflict Management Strategies That Work

You've probably never thought "I need some conflict management strategies!" But I bet you have at least one person at work that you just don't get. Or someone who approaches things so differently from you, that you find it hard to relate to them. And, there are probably people whose choices and decisions, more than likely set your teeth on end!

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. We all have people we find hard to have dealings with or work with. Just as we each have our own unique appearance, skills and talents, we all have our own unique ways of doing things and relating to others.

Most people don't do things to purposely drive others crazy... however, you might be very unaware of how much you annoy others because you are poles apart in the way you think, act and make decisions.

Every day we have to work with people whom we get along with ... and others we'd rather get along without! People who are the opposite to us, in the way they think, act, and their temperament. And those very differences can sometimes drive us nuts!

And yet for the sake of our teams, and our business, we need to make these relationships work ... we have to get along with those crazy, mixed-up people who just don't seem to be on our wave-length.

Here are some real truths about your relationships with others and your career success:

  • You do not sell a product or an idea - you influence people!

  • People buy from people they like. Therefore if they don't like you, they won't buy from you - regardless of whether what you are selling is a product, an idea, or a concept. Period!

  • If team members don't like you, they won't be inspired to work hard for you, or give of their best for, and with you!

  • You deal with people on a daily basis. Every interaction will either increase, or decrease, your credibility and ability to influence that person.

The Good News Is That There Are Ways of Improving Your Relationships With Most People.

A good starting point is to understand more about your own personality. Once you have a good handle on yourself - then you can turn your attention to understanding others, and how they want to be treated.

Whilst you can never absolutely 100% predict what someone will do in a situation ... you can often have a fairly good guess at how they may respond.

For example, you may have someone in your team who likes you to explain things in detail - they want to know the ins and outs, before taking action or making a decision. A 'Ready, Ready Aim, Aim, Aim, Fire' type of person. If you only give them the big picture and tell them "We'll worry about the details later"....

How do you think they might respond?

Do you think they may be a bit miffed at you?

Do you think they may see you as being rash, and irresponsible?

Contrast that, with someone who just wants the big picture - no degree of detail is necessary for him or her to get going or make a decision. A sort of 'Ready, Fire, Aim' type. Imagine getting this person to sit through a very detailed explanation.

Do you think their eyes will be rolling in the back of their head, and they would have switched off well before you had finished!

There are very easy techniques you can use to satisfy both types of people and still get the job done ...and done well ... AND build a strong relationship!

People give us plenty of clues as to their preferences for solving problems, making decisions and interacting with others ... you just need to be savvy enough to pick up on those clues!

Three clues that people give you are: Words, Tone and Body Language.

Conflict Management Strategies - Be Treated

Sure there are other signs too ... but even if you only use these three, they will certainly set you on the right path.


Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You

Unfortunately that is one of the worst conflict management strategies you could use!

Here's why ...

If you are a person who likes to have lots of people around, making plenty of noise, you like to make fast decisions and have lots on the go at the same time ...

and you tried to treat someone ...

who prefers things quieter, who prefers to sit and quietly, and deliberately, think decisions through and work on one task at a time ...

the same way you like to be treated...

Can you see where problems might come up?

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