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Don't Reinvent the Wheel
Use The Checklists and Templates

  • How to improve your own performance 
  • How to identify team member performance levels - and then what you can do to best fix the problem!
  • How to design the ideal job - great for both you and your team members
  • Analyze key stakeholders during a change initiative and stop them from stopping you!
  • How to create a responsibility chart - you'll have no finger pointing!
  • Sample letters ...  from congratulations to dismissals
  • Many, many more
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Enhance Your Mind On The Go
Listen to audios

  • If you prefer to listen than read then the audios are for you!
  • With over 50 audios on the site (and more added each week), you'll be able to get the mindset and the skills you need for high performance while you're driving, exercising or lazing in the sun!
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Go In Depth With The Ebooks
10 Ebooks and more coming

  • Mindset of a High Performance Employee - This mindset will set your personal and professional life on fire. Once you start to apply these concepts in your life and then share them with the people in your team, watch performance fly! When I learned this it transformed how I showed up at work and I'm sure it will do the same for you.
  • Flourishing in Your New Role - If you are about to start in a new role, or have a new team member join your team, the tips in this handbook invaluable. You'll discover how to make sure that you send the message you want to the people that matter.
  • Successful Feedback - You'll develop the art of successfully dealing with difficult people and situation. You'll become a master influencer so that your relationships are inspiring and remarkable ... rather than conflicted and frustrating.
  • Managing Change In The Workplace - Discover how to get people to be inspired to want to be a part of change. Use the tools and techniques I've personally used and shared with my clients to help make introducing change easier
  • How to Motivate Employees - Inspiring and motivating employees is as much a science as it is an art. Discover the tips and ideas you need to combine both art and science, to inspire just about anyone to be at their best
  • How to Delegate So It Gets Done, Done Well, Done On Time - Get the tools, mindset and guidelines you need to ensure that when you delegate the job always gets done, done well and done on time
  • Understanding and Influencing Difficult People - Find out why some people are obnoxious, control freaks and why others are mild mannered 'yes men'. Discover how to unhook people from poor behaviors and stop acting irrationally
  • Goal Setting to Align Your Potential - Use these goal setting strategies and exercises to help you make the most of your potential
  • Inner Source Leadership - A Personal development plan and e-book all wrapped in one. Use the questions within this book to help you connect with your purpose as a leader and bring forth the best from within you
  • Holding Effective Meetings - You'll never stop attending meetings - whether it is remotely or face-to-face. Use the ideas in this book to refresh your skill-set at having rapid, meaningful, impactful meetings.
  • Fast-Track Your Leadership Success - The tips in this ebook will help you to get promoted and ensure that as you are moving up that ladder you are making the dent in the universe you were meant to!
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100s of Articles to Download
Get out the highlighter and whet your appetite

  • Get access to over 200 articles that you can download to pdf or your favorite e-reader
  • Filled with ideas, tips and techniques that you can easily implement to make your and your team's life easier
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My Personal Keynotes / Powerpoints

Get 4 of my personal Keynote and Powerpoint presentations that you can use to create your next presentation ...  so you save more time and still develop your people.

*  Engaging Leadership
*  Assessing Five Stages of Team Development
*  Super You - Being At Your Best
*  Successfully Dealing With Change

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Inside My Productivity Toolkit

I'm always on the lookout for tools that make me super productive and/or make me money.  Being a small business Connor and I (yes my daughter is in my business with me now!) are always on the look out for tools that will help us get things done fast and professionally!  

Peek inside at the tools I use and those you could use to fast-track your success.... There are two that I highly recommend (that most entrepreneurs are using to fast-track their success) and people in the corporate world just aren't making good use of ... unless of course you happen to be a client of mine or get your hands on this toolkit :)

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