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Shelley Trusted

Are You An Inspired and Inspiring Leader?

Whether you like it or not, to a great extent the work that you do, defines you as a human being. On grand and small scales, the way you interact with others, the products and services you are a part of delivering, all flow together to become a part of the legacy you leave.

What Impact Are You Having?

Wouldn't it be great if you were able to turn up every day at work as an inspired and inspiring leader? Yet, many leaders are so busy being busy that just getting through the day is an achievement ~ ouch! But here's what I do know about you ... because you found me, this means that you are searching to actually make it matter ... to have an impact and to bring out the best in yourself and others.

That you want to move beyond the tired old, hum drum leader that permeates most organizations ... That you want to build a team of giants who are stronger and more capable because they had the delight of working with you!

And, I want to help you achieve that.

Leadership is much more than just increasing the bottom line -- yep that's critical - just like oxygen is critical to your survival. But oxygen isn't why you exist, nor are profits the reason you are an empowering high-performing leader.

I want to bring to you resources that are both practical and designed to inspire you ... so that you turn up more regularly at your best ... rather than just getting through the day! So that you get to the end of the day, week, month, year feeling engaged and fulfilled with how you've shown up and what you have focused upon. So that your leadership style enables you to create a workplace where people feel engaged and are performing to their best. So that you are delivering results that give you a buzz.

And, no it ain't the impossible dream!

I know that, because I've coached thousands of leaders to live and lead this way, and I do it myself!

Be Inspired

What you won't find much of on this site ... resources on strategic planning, supply-chain management, customer service, project planning, analytical thinking etc. These subjects are covered in great depth on other sites. However, if you want to get your influencing and engagement skills and your personal development right, so that you can sail closer to your potential and inspire and engage the best in others ... then you're in the right place.

I've got the Battle Scars and the Trophies from Leading a High Performing, Engaged Workplace - And I Want You To Fast-Track Your Success By Being Inspired From My Experience

What gives me the right to be your online leadership coach? Well, the key difference between me and a lot of other 'high performance leadership experts' is that I've actually been a leader in a highly successful high performing facility - and helped hundreds of others to leverage off that experience and create high performance in their teams. So it's not just theory, or what I've read in a book (yet I am well read and well founded in research)... it is hard won, mindset stretching leadership experience gained at the pointy end, that I share with you. (And, by the way, I wouldn't lose a single one of those scars! They have made me the leader and the individual I am today.)

Rocking Chair Test

When you take action, and apply the tips and techniques you'll discover on this site, you'll inspire and influence others with more energy and passion than you ever thought possible. I can make that promise because of my own experience, and the results my coaching clients get by applying what I've shared with them.

When you want new ideas, encouragement, assistance, or uplifting, spend time interacting with these 320+ online leadership training articles, ebooks, ecourses, audios, self-assessments and quizzes. You will discover, ideas, tools, and resources in these key areas:

Culture & Change


Here are the elements you need to build a high performance culture that inspires people to want to give of their best, along with tips on how to get people to be a positive part of change programs.

Go to the High Performance Culture & Change Directory

Improving Team Performance

Team Perform

This series of articles is designed to help you get both individual team members and the team as a whole performing at their best. Great teamwork starts with individuals performing well, so we'll give a lot of focus to this.

Go to Improving Team Performance

Quizzes & Self-Assessments


You'll be able to use these quizzes and self-assessments to gain insight to both your own performance and the performance of the people you work with.

Go to the Quizzes & Self-Assessments directory

Leadership Skills & Styles

Leadership Skills

Here you'll discover everything from how to better manage your out of control inbox to reviewing various leadership styles that high performance leaders use (and also those they should avoid) to carry out their day-to-day work.

Go to the Leadership Skills & Styles Directory

Influencing Others


Your success rests on how well you can influence others. In this section of the site you'll get the tools you need to communicate effectively with others and inspire people to want to go where you lead.

Go to Influencing Others Directory



In this section of the site you'll find interviews with leading-edge thought leaders. As well, there are audios of many of the articles (eventually they'll all be converted).

Go to the Audio directory


Self Imp2

These self-improvement articles are designed to help you start thinking about how you want to create your dent and provide you with tools to help you understand what makes you (and others tick), and to consistently be at your best.

Go to the Self-improvement Articles Directory

Ebooks & Ecourses


Taking you into more depth than the articles, these ebooks and ecourses help you master the skills you need to lead your people. Your choice if you buy individual books or get them all for one price as a Make A Dent member

Go to the Ebooks and Ecourses directory

Checklists & Templates


Checklists and templates make life easier. You'll find many of them in a variety of formats from Word documents and Excel for Pcs and Pages documents for Mac users.

Go to the Templates & Checklists directory

You'll find that many of the articles have audio versions and/or have been converted into downloadable documents in PDF, Kindle and iPad and Nook formats.

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